Bipasha Basu and R Madhavan pair up once again

Not for a film, but to prove to the media that the two were still good friends

Critics used words like ‘flawed’, ‘cliched’, ‘not enjoyable’ while reviewing Jodi Breakers. And while it was apparent that the movie didn’t break even the tiniest of records at the box office, it certainly broke actor Bipasha Basu’s heart. What’s more, after the reviews, we started hearing stories about how Bips had declared her disinterest in being paired with R Madhavan in the sequel of JB. And that’s how thoughtful birdies arrived at the conclusion that Bips was pointing her delicately manicured fingers at costar R Madhavan and blaming him for the failure of the film.

Miffed with all these vicious rumours, Bips and Maddy decided to clear the air by tweeting each other. “I detest vicious Gossip!@ActorMadhavan is one of my most fav costars n I would love to wrk with him on a Film which v both like n suit! Equations go Bad bcoz of these insensitive gossip diggers! As if bashing people is not enough Now malign them too! Sad state! Power of writing should not be misused to that extent to create gossip which makes people sound shallow n nasty! Even if its a Tabloid news,” the leggy actor tweeted. In response, Maddy wrote, “Our equation is clear. Will take a lottt more than these poor scribes attempt to make their bread n butter to effect us yaar. Don’t worry abt what these losers say. When has it ever mattered.. Yenjooy..have a wonderful day.” Thanks for scrubbing the air clean, dear Jodi Breakers. But while you swear to jodi-up for other movies and we have problems with that, we still shudder at the thought of another Jodi Breakers. Don’t we, Bollywoodlifers?