Bipasha Basu has a secret!

The Bong babe from Raaz 3 makes it amply clear that she knows something that we don’t. But will she tell?

All of you who thought that a candid confession by Bipasha Basu will follow soon after this announcement might be in for a disappointment. The Bong babe here has a secret, no doubt. And no, we aren’t talking about the mystery behind the absence of a man in Bips’ life. Or maybe we are! Ahem ahem, that would be telling indeed. Well, either way it’s a secret and will remain so. Sigh!

Sab kuch yahan ik raaz hai

Everything here is one secret

(Ummm, talking about John Abraham’s mysterious change of heart, are you, Bipasha?)


Haan, raaz hain

Yes, secret it is

(Yeah, yeah, we agree that it’s a secret!)


Khud pe mujhe joh naaz hai

On myself I have pride

(For walking out of a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere? Kudos!)


Yeh joh naya andaaz hai

This new style there is

(Clearly, your sincerity towards work nowadays is new!)


Sab kuch yahan ik raaz hai

Everything here is one secret

(Errr…we don’t think you should care about ‘that’ secret now.)


Haan, raaz hai

Yes, secret it is

(Yes, stop already, WE KNOW!)


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