Bipasha Basu: I will become Ekta Kapoor if I wear any more rings

The dusky actor’s mom totally believes in the good energies of gem stones. And here’s what Bips has to say about it…

Bipasha Basu, who has been doing one creepy movie after the other (Raaz 3, Aatmaa, Creature) reveals that in the end her mother’s word is the final when it comes to the ‘good energies’ in her life. And so, don’t be surprised if you spot this Bong babe wearing rings in one, two or even three fingers.

But Bipasha seems to have her reservations in place, as she said, “I will become Ekta Kapoor if I wear anymore rings. But if mom asks me to do something like this, I can’t say ‘no’.”

And we totally understand. That’s ‘coz the oh-so-many flings that get reported about Bips’ might have left her mom frazzled many a times.

But do you think the ‘good luck rings’ would ward the negative energies off Bipasha’s life? Tell us what you think, readers.