Bipasha Basu: John? Who is that?

Bipasha Basu: John? Who is that?

The gorgeous lady makes it very clear that she has moved on post her bitter break up

John Abraham has announced wedding plans with his ladylove Priya Runchal and Bipasha Basu claims she is ready to offer congratulations. But it looks like Bips is yet to pluck out all the residual feelings of bitterness left behind at the end of their eight year relationship. In an interview to a national daily, the Bong siren declared that she gets marriage proposals every day! She is the one who has decided to wait instead. Whoa! You can’t get cattier than that!

She showed off those claws again when she said that she only remembers people she met up in the last three months. It’s been longer than that since she broke up with John. While she is happy that he’s settling down, Bips has no intention of doing the same thing. No way is this bombshell going to give up the pleasures of singlehood. She is living it up with her friends and her other exes, and turning into a regular party girl. Bipasha is busy loving herself. She isn’t even overly concerned about shooting a song for Shootout At Wadala with John. This gal has made it very clear that she is not going to get emotional or anxious about pairing up professionally with her ex for the big screen. And why should Bips? She isn’t the one who initiated the break up. In fact, when quizzed about whether John had cheated on her, she chose to reserve her comment instead of saying no outright. She clearly wants to give the impression that she is the wronged one, not the wrongdoer. Bips is happy showing off an attitude that seems to be specifically designed to put Johnny boy in his place. She has also armed herself with several barbs about the way she gave up her dreams for him. While we appreciate her bindaas attitude, we can’t help but feel it’s actually tinged with all the hurt and bitterness that she still feels over the end of her relationship. Her indifference sounds fake.

We’ll have to see if John swallows the bait and shoots back or just lets it go. Frankly, we hope he does the latter. We have some really sweet memories of seeing these two indulge in PDA and it would be really sad if they decide to take their fight public. Right?

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  • tambaku

    This is EGO bitterness not LOVE bitterness… so many live-ins and relationships with men and she has the audacity to even utter the L word!

  • Grunt

    Ego is a function of the public balloon they have created as if they are some great entities by paying media. So without bursting this balloon reality can never set in. It is mature to have a public fight. Immature to keep trying to instill sense in an insane person

  • Sonya

    I guess breaking up is an ordeal and it’s not so easy to get over such a long relationship…probably both are hurting and showing that in different ways…I think a decade long relationship has to have something it just can’t be lust and can’t be a relationship of convenience…but without a legal commitment things can go wrong…they might have got bored and John being the guy….must be wanting to move on to someone new…cuz why buy the cow when u get the milk for free….and now since his relationship with a non actor is new he might be loving it..also since his new gal is a non actor he might not have to deal with certain egos,stress and stuff.he must be loving it. It can also be a rebound cuz he was quick into getting into another relationship right away…well only time will tell.i wish bipasha all the best…she has endless possibilities now…so be smart in picking your mr right…all the best.