Bipasha Basu loves to bully the boys!

We discovered the Bong babe’s pastime on the sets of Suparn Verma’s supernatural thriller Aatma

Our birdie the buddy flew to us directly from the sets of her next film, Aatma, to give us surprising, but not so shocking piece of information. Acid Factory director Suparn Verma and his crew members are petrified of Bipasha Basu.

No, she’s not throwing those tantrums that the B-town diva’s are famous, actually infamous for. Our friendly spy revealed to us: “Suparn found out that Bipasha during school days was popular as ‘lady gunda’ ‘coz everyone, including the boys from a higher class, was scared of her tomboyish nature and pranks. And since then, everyone on the sets has been really very careful as you never know who will be her next target to play pranks on.”

We think finally B-town has a female member who can give the most popular male pranksters Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan a run for their monies. By the way, Bips is very good buddies with both the star actors. So we wonder what happens when the Bong babe is shooting with either Ajay or Abhi. A new kind of rivalry – who’s a better a prankster – takes place?