Bipasha Basu says she is not trying hard to impress Salman Khan!

Bipasha Basu’s estranged beau John Abraham couldn’t see eye to eye with Salman Khan, because of which the dusky actor too had to maintain a strictly cordial relationship with the superstar. Now, post her break-up with John, Bipasha is trying hard to get into Salman’s good books, and in a recent interview she made that clear

“I don’t have to try hard to be in anybody’s good books. If I were that smart, I would have done it years ago. Honestly, Salman is someone with whom I have maintained a distance. So, there was a disconnect and, as a result, people assumed there was a lot of bad blood. He is a nice guy. And I like Salman not because of his huge box office successes. I meet him once in a while. Salman is someone I look upto in terms of what he has done in Bollywood. He is a success story you can learn from.”

 – Bipasha Basu

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