Bipasha Basu’s movie Creature to have the first ever Indian monster!

Vikram Bhatt’s indigenous creature was created in India and would be called Brahmarakshas

Vikram Bhatt is all ready to scare us once again with his upcoming flick Creature. Starring Bipasha Basu, the film would be India’s first 3D creature film. So comparisons with Hollywood flicks were obvious. Hai na?

Vikram although denies any such comparisons and asserts that his creature is not a dinosaur, werewolf or a vampire. Talking to a leading daily he confirmed, “Why should I borrow from American culture? My creature is a Brahmarakshas – a mutant from Indian mythology. It’s 10-feet tall, has a swishing tail and is in the same league as the Yeti which I believe exists, although I am yet to encounter one.” Vikram maintains that the creature is indigenous and owes its existence to the state of the art visual effects created by the Chennai-based Prasad EFX.

Bipasha Basu tweets poster of Vikram Bhatt’s Creature

So why did he not get the Brahmarakshas created from foreign studios? He informs to a leading daily, “I did approach a couple of foreign studios but the price they quoted was absurd. So I went to Prasad, I have previously worked with them in 1920, Haunted and Raaz 3. Initially I was skeptical but my fears were put to rest when I saw the creature for the first time on screen. With the right lighting, texture and animation, it looked terrifying.” He also added that it took almost seven months to create Bramharakshas on VFX.

Bipasha Basu’s Creature 3D to release this June!

Vikram also informs that Bipasha is too scared to come and see the creature and he wonders how she is going to dub for it considering she is such a “fattu”. We don’t know about Bipasha but hearing Vikram’s tall claims, we are dying to check out India’s indigenous Brahmarakshas. What about you peeps?