BREAKING: Bips gets caught by Customs!

She, too, like Minissha Lamba, had not declared all her valuables

Bipasha Basu makes headlines even if she is just walking out of the airport. This time though, she may not be as happy as she could be, even though we have heard fabulous things about her Players shoot in Russia. This morning she was nabbed by customs officials as she walked through to the out-door of the Mumbai international airport, for not declaring all the valuables she was carrying. Bipasha clarified to the media soon after that she had been a little too enthusiastic about a shopping binge and had to pay Rs 12,000 for excess baggage for ‘personal items’. Last week it was Minissha Lamba, who was detained for about 16 hours for not filing the appropriate forms for carrying jewellery worth many lakhs that had been lent to her by a Mumbai store. This week it is Bips. We wait to see what happens next…and to whom!