Birthday special: 5 lesser known facts about Ekta Kapoor

Sat, June 7, 2014 10:00am IST by
Birthday special: 5 lesser known facts about Ekta Kapoor

On her 39th birthday, we bring you some facts about the TV Czarina, which are not known to many people

Ekta Kapoor has been in the limelight for more than a decade now. She has produced some legendary daily soaps and films that have entertained the masses. And though she has been very active in B-town’s social circuit, one knows very less about her. So on her 39th birthday, we at BollywoodLife would like to clear some myths about her and tell you 5 things no one knows about the Czarina of television…

Ekta loves her chocolate: If there’s one sin that Ekta swears by committing then its chocolate. She’s often relishing and snacking off chocolate bars from her fridge and her favourite ice cream flavour too is….you guessed it right..chocolate! So if you want to get in Ekta’s good books, you know what to woo her with.

An animal lover: Ekta has adopted several stray dogs that were injured or unwell near her office and house. The Balaji office too has some stray dogs that are regular members and will joyfully wag their tail every time you pass them. Her brother Tusshar Kapoor too loves to take care of stray dogs.

A party animal: If you are heading to an Ekta Kapoor party, make sure you have enough bread in your tummy to absorb all that alcohol. A party animal, Ekta is infamous for turning up late at her own parties (something she’s working on) and known to chase you with her patent vodka shot syringes. There’s no escaping the booze and dance floor once you are partying with the Queen of daily soaps.

Mommy’s l’il girl: We have often seen that daughters are close to their fathers. But Ekta is a mommy’s girl and she loves her mom to death. She is very protective about her mom Shobha Kapoor. She’s the happiest when her mom is around her and the mother-daughter duo are often over heard gossiping and chatting up about everything under the sun.

Whacky sense of humor: Ekta knows some of the best adult jokes and she enjoys hearing them from her friends. She has a whacky sense of humor which those close to her get. Her laugh is super infectious and she often has everyone in splits with her crazy one liners.Subscribe to me on YouTube