Birthday special: Govinda asks Satish Kaushik to turn his butt to the West!

The actor’s hilarious dialogues continue to be super funny even in English

Govinda is one of the best comic actors of all time. And apart from his fun dance moves and antics, it was his style of dialogue delivery that made him unique. On his birthday, we look at one of Govinda’s funniest and most famous dialogue from the film Deewana Mastana, albeit in English.

Here’s what Govinda says to Satish Kaushik who plays Pappu Pager in the film:

Abe hata sawan ki ghata

Hey remove rain clouds

Kha khuja bati bujha ke soja

Eat, scratch, blow the candle and sleep

Nintakle pintukle

You tiny little one

Mandi pe khadi hai aunty

Market in standing is aunty

Baje reli hai baar baar ghanti

Ringing again and again bell

Kulla ghuma ke

Turn butt and

Paschim ko palat le

Turn towards west

Bahut ho gaya

Too much happened

Futle vatle shaana ban kya

Get lost, smart be, what?