Birthday special: Pran is 92!

Asha Parekh came up with a very special gift for Pran on his 92nd birthday – she arranged a visit by a renowned spiritual guru for the ‘young’ actor

Born on February 12, 1920, Pran turns 92 today! Little did the birthday boy know that this special day would be full of surprises. The ailing actor, who has been in and out of the hospital with various health issues, was more than pleased to meet a surprise visitor – spiritual guru Morari Bapu, whom Asha Parekh escorted in to meet Pran saab.

We hear that Pran saab is a regular follower of Morari Bapu’s spiritual recitals and always wished to meet the holy man at least once. When Bapu heard about Pran’s state of health, he agreed to meet the actor. Asha, who’s also a regular devotee of the godman said, “I did take Morari Bapu to visit Pran saab. He wanted to meet Pran saab, whom I’ve worked with for many years. We did a number of films together. I’m glad he’s happy. He’s a wonderful human being, quite contrary to his villainous image.”

On his birthday, the legendary actor is back home with his wife, son Sunil and daughter Pinky, who spend as much time with the veteran as possible. We wish the iconic actor a very happy birthday and we are sure there are many more in store for him to celebrate. Right, BollywoodLifers?