BL Anniversary Special: Is Ajay Devgn jealous of Shahrukh Khan?

BL Anniversary Special: Is Ajay Devgn jealous of Shahrukh Khan?

A BollywoodLife reader is sure that SRK’s favourite co-star Kajol’s husband is envious of his success

It’s a known and accepted fact in B-town that actors Ajay Devgn and Shahrukh Khan are not the best of friends. Wethinks the reason for this is not just professional rivalry, but also the closeness that SRK and Ajay’s wife Kajol share. SRK-Kajol have also been voted as one of the most romantic onscreen pairs of Bollywood, especially for films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Ajay recently made it clear that SRK was just an acquaintance. He said, “Salman Khan is a friend and I don’t mind working with him…. As far as Shahrukh is concerned, he is just an acquaintance…I work with people I am comfortable with.” Ouch!

Now we don’t know if that remark pinched SRK, but it did hurt his fans. A BollywoodLife reader who goes by the name rima lagu (strangely similar to an actor’s name) commented on the Ajay-SRK rivalry, saying, “Professional jealousy. Kajal teamed up with SRK and successful as on screen pair. He teamed up with Kajol but it didn’t work. If a dumb character is created who can only do stunts, Ajoy fits there most. He can neither act nor do comedy. His films succeed but all were multi starred, whether Golmal or Bol B.chan.”

To which reader SKF replied, rather furiously, “@RIMA if u’ve watched films like “zakhm”, “takshak” and “the legend of bhagat singh” then u wouldn’t have write such thing. If u didn’t watch these movies watch them and then decide by your mind who’s gon’na learn acting from whom???????”

Whew – we don’t know if we want to be a part of the fight! But you can be. Do you agree that Ajay Devgn is jealous of Shahrukh Khan’s success? Type in your comments below!

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  • john

    Off course not Ajay never jealous by SRK, rather Ajay has a good movie with Kajol. even i think SRK is jealous from Salman Khan.

    • Outsider

      Comoooon!! SRK/Kajol thé best jodi. DDLJ the best Romantic Movie till date. I really dont think they are jeolous of each other but they are not best friends. About Salman and SRK there is no enemity but not friends at all. It does not mean there is jeolousy there. But Média has to survive. I love King Khan. And I like all the actors. I Love Indian films. And i dont hate anyone. Peaceeeee!!

  • mahesh singh

    not agree with this n ajay’s SOS is not a multistarer fir bhi movie superhit hui. So critics shut ur mouth up

    • lisa

      So what was sanjay dutt and guest apperance of salman khan a solo starrer i don’t think so if you want a ajay devgan solo starrer check the biggest flop HIMMATWALA

  • juned

    SOS was a bakwas movie. It was a hit jst b,coz it clashed wit JTHJ n created headlines

    • Er C S Yadav

      Mr juned JTHJ was boring movie.
      YRF ne sajees rachi sos ke khilaf.
      But god knows everything
      So he did with justice
      Ajay is one of fine actor in bollywoood history
      Ajay and srk both are super star of bollywood

  • Manage smith

    Why only Ajay Degun ? Even the likes of salman ,Amir and Akshay are bond to be jealous .Becasue SRK has gone so ahead of them in all aspects that it will be nearly impossible for any other bolly wood star to reach there .
    Hats off to King of Bolly wood who has a fan following of 3 billion people in the world and is the richest eer cine actor in the world.

    • santosh lalwani

      acha joke tha, aur suna….

  • Diya

    Most stars are jealous of SRK.. He’s biggest self-made star after Amitabh! and if you compare what Amitabh had accomplished at SRK’s age, then SRK is waay ahead of Amitabh too! No wonder people are jealous of him including a lot of regular folks (not just movie stars)..


    • Ashish Verma

      Very well put out.
      The entire industry is jealous of SRK. He is a self mad man. And stars are so insecure with his giant presence that they make comments and end up looking like fools. Look at this moron Ajay Devgan!! Agreed, he is a good actor but why did he have to make this comment. ‘Once a king always a King’, SRK does not move in herds. Let Ajay make claims like these and his friendship with Psycho Salman Khan, SRK will always be ahead of these. I mean look at SRK’s drive to be the best in his space that a man with no lineage from the industry has dwarfed every single actor who had father, mother, brother, uncle, nana , nani from the industry.

      Amitabh is ahead of SRK in just one thing and that is –Age. SRK has the presence of mind, wit, humor and humility that can only come when you have seen best of both the worlds — struggle as well as success.

      A TV star has never made it so big like him nor will this happen again ever, he should be inspiration for everyone that’If you have the drive, the talent and zeal to work hard, then, Sky is the limit.’

      An astute businessman with a great foresightedness, he has been reprimanded for that as well.But SRK does not care

      Way to go SRK… Bravo… Let the dogs from the industry bark, there will be no other SRK be it now or ever.

    • Sandy

      diya…where r u?…in sum cave?

  • shubhendu

    srk ne kitna paisa diya hai iss article ko publish karne ke liye??? cheap article……..a pathetic act by pathetic actor. srk is nowhere in comparison to ajay in terms of acting.

    • Outsider

      Then you have to watch SOS and Himmatawala!! There is no one like King Khan you know it and you just hate the facts. First we dont have to compare these two. There is long way to go for AD though he is great too but not with the same ligue with King Khan!!

      • Indian

        how many times SRK won National Award for Actor?????????

        sory these awards are for Acting na!!!! and wht do u think JTHJ has good story???????

        • anum

          of course JTHJ has a great story. it is so much similar to real life but adapted to make it into a film by making it bigger

      • Ashish kumar singh

        Hello bro mr.devgn can do romantic movie like HDDCS, ishq, pyar toh hona hi tha, comedy movie like golmaal, all the best but no one in current industry can do movie like GANGAAJAL, APAHARAN, OUATIM,ZAKHM,BHAGAT SINGH and many more

  • Jbaloch

    Beside films, SRK lives a life that make other other stars feel jealous. He is an actor from whom you expect 99% successful, original and heart touching movies. In case of Ajay Devgn, anytime a flop show is possible. AD is a very good actor. I love watching his most movies. But the fact is, he is not a good selecter of movies most times. While i must say that in case of SRK, good scripts choose him themselves. He acted too well in a few flop movies too. He is too too good to be praised by a fan like me whose has just seen him on screen, unknown to his supertious outer personality. There are too many reasons for AD to be jealous of King Khan.

  • zulkqar

    comparing ajay with srk is like comparing bolywood with hollywood

  • Swagat

    Ajay Devgn Comes up with his own talent…..

    He has worked almost with evry director….
    SRK has three banners…Farhan Aktar….Karan Johar…and Yashraj…..

    Ajay is Best!

    • anum

      cough cough rohit shetty

    • vikas temkar

      dude its nt matr whether..hea acts with 1baner or 10…matr is prfctn..wach srk’s vz ddlj kabi kushi kabi gam..hrt tuchin muvis..swades chak de decent..cmpare srk and mohabattein..

  • krittika

    don’t want to comment about this/ both of them i believe r good in the genre of films that they do
    but one fact cannot be denied is that shahrukh- kajol rock on screeen
    and ajay and her off screen as a couple

  • Ranjeet

    Ajay Devgn is most verstile actor in Boollywood …. Ajay does every type of role …no one can do in bollywood in next 100 years !

    Ajay Rocks !…others dirty socks

  • Honey

    i love Ajay but also i like srk both are great, just the media likes to invent problems, not should be all actor friends if I’m not your friend doesn’t mean I’m your enemy, even they are said when we meet we nice with each other, the worked together, if there problem ajay will not work in film srk produced and srk not cast ajay, they respect each other that’s most important, don’t believe everything that said in media, just see their questions and you know they’re trying to spread problems, and created hype, even they sometimes Changing meaning the answers, according to their understanding, As for multi-Stars I still don’t understand what it mean, I’ve never seen actor in movie alone, please let me know, actor in movie no one acting with him,  In don movie arjun there & in Dabang arbaz and Sonu there, or these not stars, these are also stars and they have fans, with Ajay became a multi-stars, with someone else movie becomes a solo star, To be realistic, why this ? not fair digesting right senior & fantastic actor

  • Honey

    And Why Ajay should be jealous of srk, he’s himself great and brilliant and successful, just look at their thinking and mentality ridiculous (( we don’t know if we want to be a part of the fight! But you can be ))  means we want to see you fight, and fight in your comments, they Stupid think people are fools, but unfortunately there are people who believe what they say, and still fight

  • Vivek

    Ajay is a much much better actor than SRK that is why he has won 2 National Awards. Ajay is a Superstar himself and he doesn’t need to feel jealous of overrated SRK. Son of Sardar has proved that Ajay is a winner. Despite manipulation from SRk and more theatres SOS did equally well whiel JTHJ was a boring movie only sypathy towards Yash Chopra and SRk’s blind fans mad this movie a success.

    • vikas

      SRK won 15 filmfare awards..srk is the only person to get most awards even more than amitabh

  • chand

    AD much too better than SRK…cardboard face!!!

  • mohamed cali

    yes thats true ajey devgan is king of bollywood now because he did how many genre, like comady romance action political. who dd like in bollywood. tell me pls who actor can do like that . pls tell me. if you tell me that ajey devgan he s nt king of bollywoood

  • Carol

    Not many which can choose in B-town prefer SRK as co-star nor friend so why should Ajay?

  • Amina

    Team Shrk is the best.He is one of my favorite actor. his acting is superb.

  • sawera

    I do not understand why srk fans have such a problem with it what ajay said about srk
    the problems of a goat who must have so srk himself and he said nothing as to
    and only his fans are crazy in the head
    Ajay Devgn is for me one of the best bollywood actor

  • Jay…

    Ajay Devgn Great Actor…Gayrukh Fans pahle uska movie dekh…

    • pallavi

      why to abuse other actors??? They even dont know what is goin here… Media is getting mileage through this. Posting such articles and creating hatred

  • Jagnarayan Kumar.

    Ajay Devgn Much better Than SRK Pakistani supporter…

  • rohit

    baap baap hota hai beta beta
    srk is baap and ajay is beta comparing srk with ajay is like comparing lion and cat offcourse ajay is jeaolus people

  • lize

    Srk is a far better actor than ajay devgan and that’s a fact.I think ajay hate srk because he is jealous becuz srk looks better with kajol than him but that’s life and we all need to accept that. Srk is very hardworking,talented,sweet,determin,cute,funny and very educated. He worked very hard to support his family and I for once is really impress with that. He is very special and will always be. Good luck srk

  • Nazreen Choudary

    I dont think he is jelous. Only concerened that Shahrukh and kajol are hot romantic pairs. And that people are saying this infront of him. About his own wife. Obviously, any good husband would be concerned about their own wife looking hot with another Man.

  • jenita

    Ajay Devgn is most verstile actor in Boollywood …. Ajay does every type of role N play most of all directors…no one can do in bollywood in next 100 years !


  • Ankit Singh

    Practically, Ajay Devgan is a far better actor not just than SRK but than the acting powers of all the three khans combined. The reason why he hasnt won a Best Actor at the Filmfare is because his all time greatest performances had to be sidelined due to SRK’s greed oriented politics, even when both critics and audiences had stated that Ajay would win hands down. Be it Ajay or Amitabh Bachchan, both have received ridiculation and criticizm for no reason only by SRK fans. Besides, SRK owes his greatest performance to Ajay Devgan. Afterall, it Ajay who was considered to play Rahul Mehra in Darr. But Yash Chopra turned him down stating ” Ajay is a true Bollywod Hero. How can we cast him as a villian?????”. That speaks tones for Ajay’s talent.

  • sukhminderkaur

    Ajay is much better actor then shahrukh. gangaja zakham& legend of bhagat sigh jaisi movies karna shahrukh ke bas ki baat nahi.shahrukh overacting karta hai.ajay ne 2 national awards jeete hai shaahrukh ne ek bhi nahi, jo chote mote awards shahrukh ne jeete hai wo yashraaj banners kisifarish se jeete.shahrukh is bad actorwith good destiny, nothing else.

  • VED

    king khsn

  • iqbal

    Off course not Ajay never jealous by SRK, rather Ajay has a good pair with the field of acting there are no comperrision between sk and ajey,Ajey is no One in Acting…..

  • ibrahim abdi

    why always bring the issue of ajay being jealous he is a superster who can do any role unlike srk who cnt, as far as real life he has kajol. as far as acting is concerned he is the best. Simple and clearly on screen romance is fake so he has no problems kajol acting with srk or anybody else for that matter

  • Jay

    Ajay Devgn is way better than Shahrukh khan. Ajay is more masculine and versatile. Shahrukh monkey needs to retire, this feminine stammering piece of crp needs to quit it already. He has the same roles always. At least Ajay is not arrogant like him, Shahrukh has his head way up his a**.

    • GlobalWorldNewsGuru

      End of conversation

  • shakti singh

    rightnow , in film industries some actors are best , and ajay devgn is include the list,

    • GlobalWorldNewsGuru

      To compare the man married to Kajol with a legend is a conversation killer
      Sorry buddy “square face” is sadly trying to Be SRK with his wife Kajol but fans don’t let him
      End of story

  • Jay

    How on earth you can compare those two? Without a doubt Shahrukh Khan is the King of this industry while Ajay Devgn simply has NOT talent of acting.