BL Anniversary Special: Is Ranveer Singh a better actor than Ranbir Kapoor?

Wed, May 15, 2013 10:28am UTC by 35 Comments
BL Anniversary Special: Is Ranveer Singh a better actor than Ranbir Kapoor?

BollywoodLife readers seem to think so…

Competition is hotting up for heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, with his Bandra bestie Ranveer Singh threatening to overtake him in terms of popularity. Reading from the comments posted by Bollywoodlife readers on this article, we thought viewers are watching the two stars pretty closely and know who is capable of doing what on celluloid. And they think Ranveer is a better choice to play Kareena Kapoor’s brother in Zoya Akhtar’s film than her real-life cousin Ranbir.

Reader maihra commented, “ranvver singh is much better actor than over rated ranbir kaoor any ways and karrena kapoor is 5 years older than ranveer its betteer to play a brother rather than lover boys ranvver will be pair opossite katrina kaif in the film and kareena with hritik i love the star cast”.

Do you agree? Rofl feels Ranveer has got the charisma that Ranbir lacks. “Ranbir better than ranveer?Lol ranveer just got the charisma that ranbir doesn’t and ranbir is way over rated anyway, it wouldn’t be a suprise after few years ranveer will go ahead in terms of fan base.”

Who do you think is a better actor – Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor?

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  • maihra

    100 % yes ranveer singh is charming and energetic and super talented . ranbir is good but not as talented as ranveer .

  • Aditi

    Ranbir Kapoor is 110% better actor and person than monkey Ranveer Singh. Everybody knows it, no doubt about it. Ranveer is such an ugly monkey, Ranbir is a charming handsome gentleman. Ranbir is very talented, that’s why he is where he is now, and will soar higher. Ranveer cannot reach that height ever.

    • Lootera

      @aditi:Well,you said he will soar higher,hope it will not turn out to be a disappointment for him where he is afraid of that height.Ranveer don”t need to reach that height.Coz,he will always look up with pride and Ranbir will always look down from that height where he is now today.

    • shakil

      There will be a time when Ranbir Kapoor will have no choice but hold Ranveer”s hand.And out of your 110%,this extra 10% is going to cause a lot of trouble for this Kapoor kid. When it comes to height of success,don”t forget,what goes up,comes down.Mind it.

    • meghani

      I dont want to insult any actor.. But i also personally dont like the way ranveer is behaving.. Ranbir is 100 times better

      • bread pakoda

        Ranveer is uncomparable.He is unique and versatile.His style,his acting,his smile,his presence everything.He is always smiley where Ranbir looks doofus with dead expression.You can”t compare him with Ranveer.

      • jignesh

        @meghani:You don”t like the way he is behaving.Than you are 100% obsessed with ranveer.

  • sakina srk

    Ranbir is having acting skills in his genetics. But ranveer singh is best actor in his category today. He is talented hardworking goodlooking and has immensely happy vibe. He is more humble and down to earth as normal people and therefore he will connect with audience and in long run he will take over all fan bases inshallah and awards as well

  • Deba Mondal

    Ranveer is style icon. He has a perfect sexy figure and also is a very good dancer.He has no goodfather in the industry . Today where ranveer is standing it is his own talent. But ranbir has a platfrorm which he dont made.

  • nav

    Ranveer singh the bloody fu..r nothing more than donkey.

  • priya

    oh yes 1 ranveer singh is much better actor than ranbir he will win all the awards for lootera this year . becuz his one of the origional actor of young generation his self made guy,and ranbir huh ! making cartoon and goofy faces and copies actor like carle chaplen in barfi and win all the awards ilke nonsence . such a over rated guy just becouz of kapoor sir name .

  • Sadia

    Ranbir kapoor is the best actor till date… The acting comes jus naturally… Ranveer is jus ok ok….

  • rhea

    Both are good actors. Both has a lot to prove. Ranbir’s acting in Barfi! was amazing. I believe that Ranveer’s Loothera will be a great movie for him. Anyone who says Katrina is a good actress, I can say that they’re judgement in Bollywood is bad! I believe her performance nowadays is bad. She’s just good for modelling not acting.

  • RanveersinghFC

    @Sadia: Being a star kid doesn”t make you a star or best actor.Ranveer singh is a self made man.Hard working,talented,entertaining and full of life,Where at the same time Ranbir”s daddy negotiates his son”s salary on his behalf.Such a shame.

  • Napotism at its best

    just compromise “the kapoor sir name”,sab kuch apne aap utar jayega.With out Daddy Rishi and Karan,Ranbir is nothing but a bike without a seat.

  • kk

    Rabir kapoor “The Condom boy” in real life and
    Ranveer singh “The Gujrati boy” in reel life (ram leela).

  • chikan

    Ranveer singh is truly the next big thing.Mock my words.Lootera will create history,so will RamLeela.

    • neelam

      100 % agree lootera will create history , ranbir kapoor fans just wait and watch

  • meghani

    give some time for ranveer to prov himself first..what has he done upto now…? Ranbir has again n again proved that he is the best among new generation…Dont compare these two..

    • bl

      @Sarah: You are half right.The media just loves to put people down who are out siders.In this case Ranveer.So much fabricated stories about him.Not a single truth behind them.Ranveer handled all these very well.He doesn”t do PR stuff.So no one to support him.But when its comes to Ranbir,Daddy Rishi Kappor is always there to defend his innocent child who loves condom.

  • Sarah

    in terms of work the only roles we have seen Ranveer in was Band Baaja which was good,and Ladies Vs Ricky which was not as good, and that’s basically all we have seen of him, so I would say he has a lot to prove if you want to say that he is a better actor than Ranbir. I don’t understand how all of you are saying he is far more talented than Ranbir when he has has only released 2 movies so far. Ranbir has proven himself as a good actor to everyone in recent years with Rockstar and Barfi, and all his other 9 release. Now that he is so popular and winning all of the best actor awards people want to put him down again. The media just loves to to that to people in this industry, and the fans of certain actors are just nasty to each other, it’s all quit sad.

  • aryan

    Ranveer is million times better than overrated Ranbir.Case closed.

  • iqbal hamid

    Ranbir Kapoor can achieve everything,but Ranveer singh can achieve everything you can imagine.

  • jignesh

    After rockstar ranbir became completely overrated where the credit should go to Mr.AR Rehman.Ranbir should stop overacting.In barfi it was over the top and semmed attempted.Not natural acting at all.This over the top acting may landed him to win awards this year but its not gonna happen every year.At least next year.

  • srk fan

    Ranveer is a good actor and an entertainer.I will call him best after Lootera releases.

  • Vivek

    Definitely Rambir Kapoor is a much much better actor than that monkey self obsessed Ranvir Singh. Ranbir Kapoor has won 4 film fare awards and miles ahead he has proven himself again and again in different types of roles while singh is just 2 movies old both same type of roles.

  • kiran

    okay ! both cannot be compare ,ranbir kapoor is ranveer singh senior , both are good actors but ranveer singh is much more talented just wait for lootera and ram leela and gunday , he will be on top as ranbir kapoor is today , every one has there own fan following anyways .

  • gippi

    Dilip Kumar–Amitabh Bachchan—Shahrukh Khan–Ranveer Singh

  • Ali

    Ranbir is the best the industry has produced in a long time. Ranveer doesn’t have the looks or the acting ability. I bet no one could a do a Rockstar or a Barfi better than Ranbir. Plus which *@#$!^ said Ranveer has more charisma than Ranbir! Bullshit…

  • Nalini kukreti

    Somebody calling ranbir kapor an overrated actor,is a sheer case of ‘angoor khattey hain’. Ranbir kapoor is the only(of the current time )actor that has never been repetitive in terms of the characters he’s played.. From bachna ae haseeno to rocket singh from rajneeti to rockstar.. From barfi to yeh jawani hai deewani.. And how can u forget Wake up sid… He’s given us variety good performances and has certainly brought smiles on our faces… I cant even think of comparing some stupid ‘bitto singh’ to my adorable ‘murphy’…

  • tia

    ranveer even does his pr through Ranbir. if u google Ranbir then u can get the ranbir singh option. though his name has V not b. only some frustrated people who cant take the succes of Ranbir try to compare him with any random actor.

  • nina

    Even media also get jealous on Ranbir’s success. May be he doesn’t paid then like ranveer. Ranbir is the new king. raanveer lives on Ranbir’s name.

  • bittoo sharma

    Ranveer Singh is 200 times better than ranbir kapoor, d monkey kid… Ranveer rocks, other actor flops….

  • Salman

    After sometime ranbeer definitely become biggest superstar & people dont know who ranveer was

  • NG

    Totally agree. Ranveer is a much better actor and Ranbir kapoor is expressionless, dances mediocre, pathetic physique (after Mr bachan) and totally overrated. Personally, I can’t stand this chocolate boy even In some good entertaining movies.