BL Awards 2011: Shahrukh Khan will be the Best Khan in 2012!

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Who will be the best Khan in 2012? Shahrukh Khan, the winner of the Best Khan of 2011 award, managed to trump Salman Khan in this one, too – 54.54% votes! Shahrukh   fans have a lot of confidence in their chosen Khan for the next year, even though they were a little disappointed with RA.One and Don 2 both. Shahrukh stars in Yash Raj Films new project with Katrina Kaif that releases in 2012. Salman Khan got 29.13% votes, far less than SRK, although he has two major releases next year –  Ek Tha Tiger (Katrina Kaif ) and Sher Khan. Aamir Khan, who will be seen in Talaash with Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor next year, garnered only 14.51% votes for his expected 2012 fare. Saif Ali Khan got a dismal 1.83% votes, although his ratings might shoot up later in 2012 with marriage to Kareena Kapoor.  Total votes for the award were 1,806.

Disclaimer: The imaging has been done for representation purpose with no mala fide intention.

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