Bobby Deol defends ‘Pyaar do pyaar lo’ remix

Says there’s nothing original in life. (Hmm… where have we heard that before?)

It’s been the season of remixes. First the Dum Maaro Dum remix caused a lot of controversy when Dev Anand openly derided the move (and after hearing the track, many of his opponents actually agree with him). Now it’s the Pyaar do pyaar lo track from Thank You that is making waves for the wrong reasons. The song is the remixed version of the classic number from Janbaaz and has upset many purists. But it found an unlikely defendant in Bobby Deol recently. “The song is amazing. Every film has item numbers; they were used even in the old days. The more masala, the better.” Ask about whether remixes show a lack of creativity and Bobby is quick to reply, “Nothing is original in life. Even songs you think are originals are actually inspired from Western music. Making a song that people love is the best thing. Making an original is great, but nowadays kids are into remixes. We need to move with the times.” Whatever you say, Bobby, it’s your film, after all. And Yamla Pagla Deewana with you, daddy and big bro had its own remix too and that worked well for you. Are you hoping another remix will boost your career a little?