Bobby Deol is a bully!

Bobby Deol is a bully!

This is what we learned from Abhay Deol as he spoke to hostess Simi Garewal on her talk show…

Host Simi Garewal’s ‘Kiki’ antics on India’s Most Desirable have raised many people’s hackles already. If you keep her annoyingly silly behaviour aside, the one thing that’s really good about the show is that Simi tries super-hard to dig out information that no one knows from the celebrity guest, to the extent that after a point the celeb’s attempt to conceal her or his rage with a fake smile becomes prominent. Recently when Abhay Deol made an appearance on the show, the usually reticent actor didn’t have any option but to disclose everything about his personal life, all with a ‘calm-yet-not-calm’ look on his face and an occasional flash of those deadly dimples. He reluctantly shared titbits about his childhood – like when cousin Bobby Deol would bully him to the hilt and act all innocent in front of bade bhaiya Sunny. It was a fun episode because it was spiced up with tiny details of the actor’s childhood and not just information about his fluctuating love life or his quirky choices at work. All in all, Simi does do a good job getting into the depths of an actor’s life and bringing out the best by her verbal prodding and nudging. But after this episode, and the annoying reappearance of the irritation that is Kiki, Simi’s assumed alternative identity, the one question we would like to ask Abhay is, whose bullying was more traumatic, Simi’s or Bobby’s?Subscribe to me on YouTube


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    It was sch a boring episode. yucks

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    hi friends my favriot hero bo0by deol and ni like thish hero
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