Bollywood bitten by FIFA bug: Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt and Gauahar Khan high on football fever!

FIFA World cup ended with Germany claiming victory against Argentina and we were surprised to find so many B-townies supporting FIFA

While most Indians are self-confessed cricket fans, with FIFA fever in the air, many of them were bitten by the FIFA bug. Among the infected were a lot of B-town folks. Right from Shah Rukh Khan to Gauahar Khan, many celebs took to Twitter to express their support to FIFA World Cup 2014. While some celebs truly love the game, some even admitted to fake it coz everyone was talking about FIFA. Karan Johar was among the fake FIFA lovers and he confessed it on Twitter. So here’s what B-town folks had to say about FIFA World Cup 2014 on Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan had more than one tweet for his fans. He tweeted, “Very well played & all that…pace good.. Evenly balanced etc….need a Messi moment or a Muller. I am a Bollywood viewer & it’s the Final!” He added, “I rejoice for Ger & cry for Arg. At this level & class there is no loser, only a winner. Well done World Cup & now bak to our humdrum lives.” And he tweeted again, “The best words to hear in your profession.There is no higher to climb. Germany you own the world! & an aside our very own Mike Horn congrats.”

Alia Bhatt had very lil to say, which makes us wonder if she actually followed the game. But anyways, she tweeted, “Cmonnnnnnnnn Germany !!!!!!!” Ranveer Singh too had very little to say. He tweeted, “Ze Germans!!!”

Gauahar Khan of Bigg Boss fame tweeted, “Germany…. Wooooohooooo…. Played like warriors…mind n heart… Heroes…” She added, “Messi thorough gentleman….. D onli member of Argentina who played widout being sissy… #respect”

Amitabh Bachchan not only had something to say but also something to show. Along with his tweets, Big B posted pics too. He tweeted, “I won the World Cup 2014 !!!… so help me Christ .. Christo the Redeemer in Rio ..”

Bachchan Jr too took to Twitter. He posted, “Overheard in the stadium today by a Brazilian fan “it’s ok we lost the World Cup, God is still Brazilian!!” -too good.”

Karan Johar confessed being a wannabe. He tweeted, “Am officially pronouncing myself as wannabe….watching the match only because the world is….” He added, “Half time….now either i sleep or continue my role play of a footie fanatic!!! I think the latter…why drop the act now!!!”

Shahid Kapoor tweeted, “Tight tight tight final .. Klose respect … Messi magic … Tatar sky couldn’t choose a worse day to have transmission issues !” The Haider actor added, “Argentina came in as the underdogs looked so good but missed some clear chances . Germany made the one count . Great game .”

Bipasha Basu tweeted before FIFA finale 2014. She posted, “Looking forward today for the World Cup final! Love Messi but loving the Germans too:) May the better team win today!”

Neha Dhupia was constantly tweeting about FIFA and after the game was over, she tweeted, “And the best team won it … #Germany are the champions of the world ! #WorldCup #FIFA2014”

Madhuri Dixit-Nene enjoyed FIFA too. She posted, “What a game!!!! The crowd is going nuts here in Germany!”