Bollywood stars upset over service tax hike

The government has decided to levy a 12.36 percent service tax on Bollywood actors. This decision has not gone down well with our B-town stars, of course, and they have been venting their anger on social networking sites

Let’s make the math easy. Every time Salman Khan walks away with Rs 27 crore for a film (his estimated acting fee), the government will snatch away Rs 3.37 crore in the name of service tax. Similarly, If Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan are paid Rs 25 crore and Rs 20 crore respectively, the government is going to take away a whopping Rs 3.09 crore from Akki’s pocket and SRK will be set back by a staggering Rs2.47 crore. It has just been announced: the government has levied a 12.36 percent tax on actors big and small. After hearing this news some prominent stars from B-town took to Twitter to pour out their anger. Here’s what they have to say….

Sonam Kapoor

Really more tax. This government sucks. Corrupt and useless.

We are just filling every politicians pockets with money, If my money really went into developing my country Id be more than happy to give it.

Divya Dutta:

Fr those of u who dun understand!tat tax thing is ok fr those who dng well,but fr those who struggling,not a gud news to pay mre. Imposing 12.5% service tax on actors is the most ridiculous decision ever taken ! ‘They’ have no idea how some of the actors survive in this tough terrain of our profession ..we are as much employed professionals as any in any field ..I strongly appeal every one of our faculty to stand ‘tall’ against the implementation of such injustice… Pls spread d word..

Sanjay Kapoor:

sanjay kapoor: @sonamakapoor @divyadutta25 how come no one in the film fraternity didnt make noise when other professions were being taxed? now u r crying?

Farah Khan:

@TheFarahKhan: N just as iv turned ‘actress’the govt.has decided 2 also charge 12.5%service tax 2 all actors!this is tooo much.kitna nichodogey yaar?

darling common man not paying 12.5%more tax !! V already paying the taxes levied plus this now!!why???