Bollywoodlife readers say: Katrina Kaif shares better chemistry with Shahrukh Khan than Anushka Sharma

We recently conducted a poll asking Bollywoodlife readers to vote for the heroine they think shares a better chemistry with Shahrukh Khan, and although there’s just a marginal difference between the number of votes given to Anushka and Katrina, Ms Kaif emerged the winner of this interesting competition

So while Anushka Sharma got 48.77 percent votes, Katrina attained victory with 51.23 percent.  After a couple of heated discussions in the comments section, the experienced chick (Kat) got first preference over the cute newbie (Anushka). And although Shahrukh Khan has been raving about how it’s been such delight working with the two beauties, the verdict given by the audience is loud and clear.

People love watching King Khan with the elegant Kat more than with the gorgeous Ms Sharma. And why not – Katrina and Khan are steaming it up big time in the passionate number Saans in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, which instantly makes the pair a huge hit with the audience.

Now at least Bollywood directors know who to cast if they plan to make an out-and-out intense romantic film…the results say it all. People love Kat and Khan…!