Bollywood’s shirtless brigade: Are Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor going the Salman Khan way?

Chiseled looks, a lean-mean frame, six pack abs and perfectly toned muscles are only meant to be flaunted, don’t you think? But who does it best? You tell us!

Salman Khan knows how to get the crowds to cheer loud and long for him – All he needs to do is take off his shirt! And so many others have tries to walk the same path, though nobody can do it the Sallu way. We have seen Hrithik Roshan flaunt his Greek god looks; Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan too followed suit in Om Shanti Om, Ghajini and Fanaa, but could not really manage to hit the bullseye.

Die-hard Dabangg fans feel that of the male actors in Bollywood, only Salman can do the dare bare act with that perfect panache. While none of his contemporaries have managed to make an impact by stripping off like the Wanted hero, the young brigade is certainly making great strides in that direction, doing it in true Salman ishtyle. But who does it best? Who looks the most sexy without a shirt on? You tell us…