Boman Irani and Farah Khan act crazy!

The actors seem to be having the time of their lives promoting their new film Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi. From making wisecracks about B-town stars to claiming to be the next ‘it’ couple in Bollywood, Boman and Farah are going ballistic when it comes to publicising their new fun flick

While Boman Irani unabashedly takes digs at Ranbir Kapoor, Farah can’t stop gushing about her chemistry with her co-star. Boman is mad as a hatter and Ms Khan is known for her dry wit. But it looks like the duo has decided to act crazier than ever before, especially for the promos of their new film now  doing the rounds of television channels.

Irani has openly declared that he has a towel scene in SFKTNP, just like the one Ranbir had in Saawariya. But the only difference is that he’s showing his front profile, unlike Mr Kapoor. Although there are hardly any kissing scenes in the movie, the actors have been joking about how they both can be competition to Mallika Sherawat when it comes to passionately locking lips – after all, they did practice a great deal, they chortle. Boman has always been comfortable in front of the media and with Farah joining him in all his madness, the couple is nothing less than a laugh-riot. All we can hope is that the movie is as rip-roaringly funny…