Bombay Talkies song Akkad bakkad: A fitting tribute to 100 years of cinema!

The video of the song is a montage of scenes from the movie and fits amazingly well with its peppy lyrics

Akkad bakkad from Bombay Talkies, just like the subject of the film, is a tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema.

The video of the song is a montage of situations from the film’s four stories. The music has a soft nursery rhyme kind of vibe to it, and its precious lyrics too are based on a rhyme that every kid on the street knows. From there on, Akkad bakkad touches upon a whole lot of subjects and talks about Indian cinema as a person, who refuses to give in or give up, and just goes on telling stories and giving hopes and dreams to millions of viewers.

The montage consists of brief, slice of life moments from the four characters’ lives. There’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing a side-artist, who keeps making odd faces in a bid to bring a smile on his daughter’s face. We also see Rani Mukerji dressed up all fancy as she gets ready for a date. The song manages to deliver a range of emotions and is a total delight to watch!

Check out the sweet little video of Akkad bakkad.