Boss trailer: Why is Akshay Kumar repeating himself?

Tue, August 27, 2013 1:59pm IST by
Boss trailer: Why is Akshay Kumar repeating himself?

He delivers a solid punch that sets a hundred men fly in the air. Now, haven’t we seen the Khiladi Kumar doing that one too many often? Going by the trailer of this upcoming action venture, we think Akshay is not willing to take his brand beyond the mindless action that he likes to indulge in royally

Akshay Kumar is B-town’s real action star. We have been watching him punching thugs and goons in the guts for close to two decades now. Akki has also given a generous dose of action in his recent movies such as Rowdy Rathore and Khiladi 786. While the former was a big hit, the latter sunk without leaving a trace. And now Ashwin Varde’s forthcoming production doesn’t look any different from the mindless maar-dhaad he loves to indulge in almost shamelessly.

In the trailer we see Akshay playing the Boss who is here to kill the baddie cop played by Ronit Roy. The trailer looks a heavy combination of Dabanng, Singham, Rowdy Rathore and Khiladi 786. “ Humein kya hain, humein toh sirf paani nikalana hain,” says our macho star when a man starts urinating after watching the might of Boss.

In another instance, a goonda asks Akki why is he standing to the right side of the frame, hesitating to come to the centre, Akshay replies with his trademark chauvinism “ Kyunki Boss is always right.” Now haven’t we seen Akki doing this a zillion times before-employing his action skills to best effect and mouthing those cheesy one liners such as these? The only plus we can draw out of this trailer is that Akki is looking much younger and fitter in every frame he appears in. We really wish if he could entertain us with some substantial plot!

Now what boggles our mind further is that in spite of playing hatke roles in films such as Hera Pheri, OMG Oh My God! and more recently in Special 26, Akki chooses to resort to the traditional route of mindless action and brainless comedy. Watch this trailer of Anthony D’Souza’s Boss and tell us if you really are looking forward to watch the superstar repeating himself to bore us out of our skull!

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  • Vivek

    Akshay is an Action King. Why should someone criticism him alone isn’t SRK did the same in Chennai Express? IS CE a novel concept? Akshay is doing what the public likes that is why Rowdy Rathore was a blockbuster even Khialdi786 was Average and not a flop. Public likes him in action and comedy plus this movie will have great combat between Akshay and Ronit a Sure Shot Hit.

  • divesh

    I found trailer interesting and fodu……this website always post negative against akki………who ar u to judge and why u write your comments before knowing public opinion

    • Shubham

      Well said

  • Divesh

    Prathmesh you always post negative against Akki,… as this article……how can u judge trailor without knowing public response…….from the very first promo u start demoting the movie……….

  • Devendra

    Why are you media people so biased? I think you don’t have a proper education. If salman khan would have done it you would have gone gaga about it..isn’t he doing the same thing from the past 5 years? Do you get paid from those people or are servants in their house? You are the media and be responsible and don’t spread negativity about a movie before it’s release even if you don’t have any ‘dharam iman’

  • harsh

    shut up u idiot. don’t know anything about this movie spreading rubish thing. if u think the movie is bad then go to hell.

  • geeta


  • nononsense

    Bollywood will get its share of dough anyway. On our part, we should engage into something more fruitful and stop pondering about successes and failures of movies rather than keeping tabs about movies, is that all life has for us, better read the newspaper daily to enlighten yourself about what else is happening around you. Let us all live our lives, man.

  • Nandini

    When Salman does it Dabanng, Srk does it Chennai or Ajay does it it Singham it’s all cool but if Akshay resorts to masala action it’s boring! It would be nice if for a change you’ll would give the guy a fair chance…he’s better in action than all of the above

  • Rehan

    A lot of actors tend to repeat their formulas once they find success in it. Why are you guys targetting only Akshay? Sharukh, Salman and Aamir have all done it.

    The film looks really good and its great to see Akshay Kumar back in Martial Arts mode. I hope that Mithunda has a strong and action packed role and not as depicted in this trailer.

  • ekki

    great trailer… bukwas article… bukwas website

  • gayani

    well,the public likes it. so read all these comments and stop spreading negative things about him. i too have to ask, are you being paid by some people to publish this rubbish comments?

  • Devbrata

    No body in bollywood is complete actor apart from aamir khan thats why every actor sticks to their basic root. Salman keeps on doing same type of movie without any expression. Shahrukh gives airy poses that is ok with girl and woman. As soon as akshay will come these all cheap comments will start

  • fazil ahmed

    Looking a Great back ground music, which we love the akki as action+comedy…… Boss also looking as we want to see in action. Looking forword sure to be hit….so many people like the trailer even I also like the trailer…..! Great as expected

  • Sidhart Roy

    I’m looking forward to watch the real action hero of Bollywood…
    Akki would rock here again !!!

    All the best Akshay

  • Abbas aliyu

    i’m a nigerian bt i luv bollywood, wat ppl er sayin here is right. wen other actors do it, it cool bt wen akki do, it b cum crap dis is nt journalism ur doing here. i’ve never seen u criticise other super stars. iz chennai exp,dabaang or singham sensible in a cinematic point of view? if yes, then all bollywood movies er crap or d audience can’t differentiate btw good & bad….

  • saajid

    when srk repeated himself in romance where the hell were you?? when salman is repeating where d hell.are u?…

    Akshay Kumar Promised His fans he’ll do.atleast One Action Movie Per year and his fulfilling it…success se jalo math

  • Prem Bhai

    dear admin.. go fauk youself first..

    seems like you have no idea of Bollywood, K786 is a semi hit which has done of 70+ crore of domestic nett..

    Why you don’t say salman Movies that he repeating again and again, even srgay repeat himself in crap Express. coz of you ppl movie like CE gross hundred of crores..

    tell all the khan and kapoor to release 4 or 5 movie a year in non holiday period and see the results..

  • Deepak

    Awesome trailers, Akshay always the king of action. And the movie promos giving the surety that the movie is blockbuster….

    • ashu singh

      u r right ….akshay is king of bollywood

  • ashu singh

    Akki……….is a god of bollywood….he is only one man bollywood action king…. just look at trailor of boss one time……super …duper movie…. i like u..akki

    …for every
    success of a
    person their will be
    a countless….
    pain in his
    heart & that..
    pain makes him….
    a successful….
    person in life….
    THAT’S.. AKKI bhai……

  • yasir chohan

    cool bossssss

  • Arif derawala

    Akshay kumar super hit trailer action and comedi Boss

  • mukesh prajapat

    superb trailor

    • jeetesh kumar rathi

      he is boolywood king.. no body can compare khildai…. rowdy…. love u akki.. this 2hundered crore blockbaster

  • jeetesh kumar rathi

    real boolywood king only one.. akkiiii.. u r rock… this movie make 2 hundered crore .. blockbaster movie.. u r rowdy and khiladi.. only one akii..

    east or west.. akki.. is the best

  • mahesh

    nice movie

  • mahesh

    not bad trailer