Box office roundup November: Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi saves the month from being a disaster

November has been a terrible month for Bollywood. Despite having some pretty big films releasing, the month was a no show as far as box office success goes.  Thanks to Gauri Shinde’s slice of life film Dear Zindagi’s success, November at least ended on a positive note. Let us give you a brief insight on what trends were noticed at the box office.

Winners of the month

Dear Zindagi was supposed to turn things around for November and it did exactly that. The films that released before this Shah Rukh KhanAlia Bhatt starrer where disappointments. Hence, DZ just saved the month from being an utter disaster. A film talking about dealing with your inner demons found a lot of takers. Shah Rukh Khan’s turns as a psychologist was not only inspiring but was also damn hot. Thanks to his presence, Alia Bhatt’s knockout performance and really cool teaser videos, Dear Zindagi managed to open really well at the box office with 8. 75 cr. For a film with limited release, those are very good numbers. Dear Zindagi released after a lull of four weeks and made moviegoers really happy. (Also read: Dear Zindagi box office collection day 5: Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s film stays rock steady, earns Rs 40.75 crore)

Force 2 managed to make some money and keep the franchise alive. With 30. 18 cr, the film did do brisk business which perhaps prompted the makers to announce a third film from the franchise as well.

Losers of the month

The month started on a really bad note with a nondescript film at the theatre titled 2016-The End. We don’t know if anyone has even watched that film.

Post that, Rock On 2 made it to the theatres. Now this is one sequel people were least excited about. Generally, a second film of a hit one often generates great frenzy but it was as if nobody wanted Rock On to have any sequel. It was a complete film but makers thought otherwise and the result was for all to see. The film failed badly. What also severed its case was Modi’s demonetisation drive. It has earned all of 10 crore for its entire duration at the box office. A disaster Bollywood could have easily averted had the makers not decided to take the story ahead.

Tum Bin 2 released along with Force 2 and went down without a whimper. Another sequel which was unnecessarily made.

November trends 

Every month throws up some major surprises and this time it was Narendra Modi. Our PM’s sudden decision to scrap 500 and 1000 notes affected Bollywood in more ways than one. Films which were on the floor felt the pinch but the one who got massively hurt was Rock On 2. It anyway had a low buzz and this decision severed its chances of ever recovering. Ritesh Sidhwani, producer of the film, accepted that Modi’s move affected a film a lot. Even Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay’s collections were affected. (Also read: PM Modi’s demonetisation move couldn’t affect Force 2’s collections, says Trade Expert)

But fortunately for the industry, the recovery from the setback was pretty fast as Force 2 saw some really good numbers on initially. And now with Dear Zindagi, things have started to look up for the industry.
What was also noticed was a superstar’s move to support a small film and make it big because it deserved to be told. Despite having a secondary character in Dear Zindagi, SRK’s psychologist turn has made everyone really happy. Hope to see more superstars throwing their weight behind such films.

Star performers
It has got to be Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. They were simply unbelievable. If together they were refreshing in Dear Zindagi, individually they were the actors we have been waiting to see on screen. There are moments of in the film involving both which the audience took with them when they left the theatre. Shah Rukh Khan’s restrained act was simply mesmerising. How a superstar decided to settle down for a supporting character, letting his young co-star shine is an art everyone should learn from Shah Rukh Khan. He never tried to overshadow her.

Alia on the other hand never got dwarfed by a superstar presence in her film. With every film, she is only getting better and in Dear Zindagi, she was just representing us, the youth who are confused about life and love. Nobody could have portrayed it better. (Also read: DECODED: Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi success)

So the stars of this month has to be SRK and Alia.

Looking ahead…

December is one month everyone is looking out for. If the makers of the releases due at the box office play their cards well, this could be the biggest month this year. It will start with Kahaani 2 which already has a hit first film behind it. The original was made at a budget of 8 crore and earned nearly 60 crores. That was an unheard number for a small female centric thriller in those days. With Vidya Balan in the forefront and Sujoy Ghosh behind the camera, it is expected to create the same magic.

Then there is Aditya Chopra’s return to direction with Befikre which is also his boldest film ever. Kisses between Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor have already made people quite interested in the project. Songs have also caught up. Now the wait is to see how the final deal pans out. (Also read: With Ranveer’s Befikre and Aamir’s Dangal, December is the month to look forward to)

And above all there is the most awaited film of this year Dangal releasing on December 23. Aamir Khan has put in a lot of effort in the film. The way he gained and lost weight, we doubt anyone can do that. Aamir is not a director’s actor but the character’s actor. The actor made sure the impact is seen and what we saw in the trailer has left us excited about the film. It will be a big release and a huge hit, we are pretty sure of that.