Bring in the money, honey!

Two films aim to make a bundle at the expense of their female audience. We wonder why

Now here’s something that has left us scratching our heads. Why on earth would any one make a film that could alienate half their ticket buyers? That not one, but two filmmakers have done this has really befuddled us. So women of the nation, unite! Two upcoming films are going to poke fun at you. Coming up first is Pyaar Ka Punchnama, scheduled to release this month. An official press release describes it as (you guessed it) a romantic comedy about how “You always envy the man with a girl, till you find your own and then you wonder if this is what is called a woman – a shouting, moody, crazy being!” If that isn’t offensive enough, there is Dil Ya Bill, a so-called ‘romantic comedy’ about how guys spend a lot on women to woo them, because, as lead actor Suniel Singh puts it, “Bill ke bina toh koi bhi ladki deti nahin hai dil” (No girl will give you her heart if you don’t pay her bills).  there’s Filmmakers, watch it. Women have a great sense of humour, but there’s only that much it can stretch. They’ll just kill the dil and punch a hole right through your pyaarnama.