Buddha unit to visit Dalai Lama in Dharamsala!

Himanshu Soni, Neha Kaul Uppal (Amrapali) and Abhiram Nain (Ajatshatru) will be meeting Dalai Lama along with their creative producer Ridhwana and producer BK Modi

Buddha, the serial which went on air in September, traces the complete journey of Buddha from King Siddhartha to Lord Gautam Buddha. As per the current track, Buddha is trying out different paths after leaving his palace. The show has been talked about for its unique subject, the performances and costumes. The show completed 30 episodes on Sunday. Siddhartha’s transforming into Gautam Buddha and enlightenment will happen after two weeks.

The unit is going to visit His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama on April 2. Himanshu Soni who plays Buddha confirms, “In the show my character is under the process of transformation from Siddhartha to Buddha. From the time I started doing Buddha it has been my heart’s desire to meet Dalai Lama. Since producer BK Modi is a follower of Buddha and Dalai Lama, I am getting a good opportunity to meet Dalai Lama in person.” On being asked what he intends to ask Dalai Lama he says, “I think I would be so mesmerised by his sheer presence and aura that I feel I will be speechless. Working in Buddha has changed my attitude towards life.”

Himanshu Soni, Neha Kaul Uppal and Abhiram Nain will be going with creative producer Ridhwana and producer BK Modi to meet Dalai Lama. Ridhwana says, “This is a very special moment for us and the entire team of Buddha. Meeting with His Holiness Dalai Lama (HHDL) was long overdue and we are extremely grateful to him for giving us the time. As the Buddha is now on the path of the enlightenment, it becomes very important and insightful for us to meet with the man himself. The entire team including me is very excited. We would also be discussing with Dalai Lama about his thoughts on our show and the suggestions to take Buddha to the world market. This is indeed a very special moment for everyone.”


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