Bullet Raja on the sets pics: Sonakshi Sinha in a saree, yet again!

Posted Mon, February 18, 2013 8:00pm IST

‘Oh no!’ we almost yelped, and then instantly clamped our mouth shut when we realised that perhaps it’s for the good…

We finally realised that we cannot imagine Sonakshi Sinha without a saree just like we can’t imagine Sherlyn Chopra in it. Hell, now it’s beginning to look like Sonakshi herself can’t imagine herself without a six-yard. Right, aren’t we, Sona?

So here’s a peek at the on the sets images from Bullet Raja, where the Sinha babe has donned her fave traditional wear once more! There’s a red-bordered Bong saree, a blue salwar kameez and the quintessential bindi. Could this look get anymore stale?

But don’t get us wrong, we aren’t complaining, not a wee-bit. And not after we saw Sonakshi wearing a (disastrous) western wear in OMG! Oh My God’s Go Go Go Govinda when the lady tried to experiment a li’l with videshi outfits. Remember? So we grit our teeth and accept it – you look good (only) in the Indian ensembles, Sonakshi.

Take a look at these images and tell us if you’re on the same page with us, BollywoodLifers!

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  • naaz

    Bollywoodlife, before comenting on others, please get ur facts right.
    the song Go govina was from the movie Oh my God and not Rowdy rathore.
    Stupid writer. I mean its ok to make mistakes, but not when you are trying to critisize others.

    By the way, sonakshi sinha is the only actress jis main kuch sharm aur hayaa baqi hai. I respect her for that..and i am sure secretly we all do.

  • Geeta

    Totally agree with Naaz. Sonakshi is a beautiful INDIAN WOMAN. Not some bimbo who will expose a la Western style to get Bollywood Life’s approval. She looks stunning in the saree so stop the sarcasm because she wears more ethnic outfits than miniskirts. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves denigrating the one movie star who is not ashamed of her Indian-ness or her body type.

  • Emma

    yeah totally agree with both naaz and geeta

    sonakshi is soooo gorgeous and got lovely eyes

    what a bad article !!!