Can Akshay Kumar-John Abraham-starrer ‘Desi Boyz’ be a family entertainer?

Can Akshay Kumar-John Abraham-starrer ‘Desi Boyz’ be a family entertainer?

The makers seem to be stunned by the fact that their film got an ‘A’ certificate but what else did they expect when the lead protagonists are playing strippers?

The trailer of Rohit Dhawan’s debut film Desi Boyz made it quite clear that the film is aimed at ‘pleasing’ the girls, what with the Khiladi Kumar and the Force actor baring their well-toned torsos and attempting to seduce skimpily clad girls in the title song itself. The theatrical trailer was followed by two song promos; in one of them Akshay is seen hitting on his professor (Chitrangda Singh) while in the other John Abraham is seen making a lewd hand gesture at his girlfriend (Deepika Padukone). If those little glimpses weren’t enough, the story of Desi Boyz is about two guys, who when faced with the economic meltdown, choose to strip off and strut their stuff, instead of trying to earn an honest living, the hard way. While we don’t see any harm in the two men taking the easier route in life, what baffles us is that the makers want this film to be seen by the entire family, including naïve children. If the makers want their film to be watched by the entire family, then why do they claim in the opening of the trailer that it is for the girls and women, who will apparently go weak in the knees by the playful antics of Akshay and John. While we think that this film has been rightfully given an ‘A’ certificate, you tell us if it was justified.

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  • sanjay bhsole

    Desi Boyz will too be a disappointment , Have u not learned from recent movies like rascals , Ra -one , kambakkt ishq Etc , it has same childish loud comedy , no story line . it tries to attracts as many people to come to theater at first week , through marketing fundas like publicity stunts ,appearing in shows to promote movies ( like appearing in big boss ) , attending news interview , they will try much hard do do marketing (promoting) rather than making good movie . and get same reaction from people “arey movie bekaar thi” paisey waste , and collections fall from next week .The me is here ,but they recover cost in first week by all these promotions (fooling people ,same like telemarketing huge claims )Same is with Desi boys ,hyped ,promoted , marketed hugely to recover money , no money for script , dialog ,story and quality

    • Mannu

      Are you gonna post this everywhere. Every site I visit, you have post this same lame comment, obviosuly cos you hate one of the actors in the film. Get a life!! You haven’t even seen the film. Watch the movie and you’ll see that it is the best comedy in recent times, and definietly the best comedy of the year!!