Can Akshay Kumar step into Rajinikanth’s shoes?

After the Salman Khan clan, it seems as if the Thank You actor is smitten by the charms of the southern superstar – Akki plans to make a film called Punjabi Rajnikant

The latest gossip buzzing along our grapevine is that Akshay Kumar is producing and acting in a film called Punjabi Rajnikant, in which he will play the title role, obviously. And his partner in crime is music composer-singer-actor-now-producer Himesh Reshammiya. Singham director Rohit Shetty’s assistant will direct this project. While the film goes on floors in 2012, Punjabi Rajnikant’s teaser will be out in theatres along with Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One. That’s all we know right now. But we have questions. First, we wonder if the southern superstar’s family has been consulted about using his name. Remember the last time a story came out that Salman Khan’s family intended to make a biopic on Rajinikanth, his family did not take it very well? Second, Punjabi Rajnikant is an ambiguous title, but if we go with the literal translation it means Khiladi Kumar will be playing a Punjabi superpower either like Rajnikant or called Rajinikant – spellings notwithstanding, we hop to the logical conclusion and credit Akki’s version to the south sensation who is generally known as Rajinikanth! But we doubt if he is the right choice for this, since like Batman, Superman, Wolverine and others, Rajinikanth is a modern-day wonder. At 62, the southern superstar with his bald head, sagging skin and recurring health issues still manages to overthrow all the Khans and Bachchans when it comes to box-office collections and to look younger and be more active onscreen. When you consider it carefully, you know that Akshay’s bad run at the box-office has been going on for a long time now and he could use any strategy he can find to get back into the limelight, no? While he does entertain his audience with those silly jokes, lately that too has failed to woo his fans into cinema halls. But what do you think – can Akshay Kumar do justice to a role with that name?