Can Arjun Rampal be successfully expressionless in ‘RA.One’?

Can Arjun Rampal be successfully expressionless in ‘RA.One’?

The RA.One baddie says that he had great difficulty hiding his emotions when he played the robotic villain in the upcoming superhero flick. And that has got us rolling on the floor with hysterical laughter

Arjun Rampal has received a National Award for Rock On!!, but we would like to believe the rumour that the award was a result of friendships in high places and not his acting abilities. Because even though the model-turned-actor has been in the industry for so many years, and we think that he was one of the best looking men on the ramp and he wowed us totally as a supermodel, it’s difficult to figure if he is crying or smiling on celluloid. He possesses the unique ability to look poker-faced every time he appears on the big screen. So when Arjun said that it was difficult for him to hide his emotions in RA.One, we couldn’t stop laughing and actually fell down on the floor as we giggled. His exact words in the interview were: “Since I played a villain from the virtual world, my character couldn’t convey any emotions. I had to appear absolutely expressionless on screen. It wasn’t easy.” Now you know why we can’t stop our chortles! Anyway, we wish the inexpressive actor had taken a few tips in communication from his dear friend Shahrukh Khan. Now SRK is someone who knows how to quip quotable quotes every time he opens his mouth and doesn’t often put his foot into it and chew hard, the way Arjun now has done. Hehehehehehe….

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  • Shuchi Baghel

    He always xpresionless

    • Ravindra

      Retarn of the love story movie & Ajay Devgan star how sweet’ so please this realy cometmant

  • prd

    Never seen a more expressionless guy in the movies! Even a pole would have more expressions than him…..

  • poomak

    ha ha one of the best articles i have read of late you are right these pieces of wood need not work hard to go expresionless they have no expressions like arjun, abhisheeet and of course our palstic dolls like katrinas etc or on the other side too many expression zero sized heroines

  • Ravindra

    nice movie Miley naa Miley

  • SHahrukh

    good movie…arjun rampal excewllent as villain…must wtch for role…srk movie is rocking