Himesh Reshammiya compares himself to Kishore Kumar!

The Damadamm actor wants to be the ultimate actor-singer-filmmaker just like the maestro

While this news had us laughing out loud, many of you would like to just ignore the parallels that are being drawn here. Himesh bhai who is enjoying all the attention after the release of his film, Damadamm! surely knows how to remain in the headlines forever. If his singing gets monotonous, he resorts to his poker-faced acting and if that doesn’t work then HR, it seems, causes a stir with his words. Remember, how he angered fans when he claimed that the late veteran music-composer and singer RD Burman sang in a nasal tone? This time around, Himesh compares himself with none other than Kishore Kumar, one of the greatest singers and finest actors of all time. Listen to what Himesh said in a recent interview. “Kishore Kumar was the only actor-singer-filmmaker who was successful in all fields and I think I have it in me to surpass the benchmark and reach new levels.” On hearing this, we couldn’t stop laughing. Good luck HR for crossing the benchmark!