Can Imran Khan cook?

The Delhi Belly star can whip up some mean khana, when he has the time, of course!

Imran Khan is a self-confessed foodie, one who will eat anything, anywhere. That a lot of people know, since he does talk about his eating habits in interviews. But there is a lot about him that is less well known: for instance, he thinks that a plain yellow dal is among the hardest things to get right – a black dal can be sexed up with cream and long cooking, but to get the simple peeli dal right is not easy, since there is so little to it! It’s all in the tadka, Imran said on a food show on telly recently, promoting his new flick Delhi Belly. And he added a little tadka to the evening – and perhaps to his home life – by announcing that his wife Avantika is not a cook; she once asked him how she could tell if water was boiling! Imran is a pretty good cook himself, he said, and is known to whip up a pretty mean Chili Con Carne, that classic Tex-Mex dish with kheema, rajma, spices, brown sugar and more. Now we wait to see what this dishy young actor cooks up with his in-the-news-already release, Delhi Belly.