Can John Abraham pull off a Gerard Butler?

The beefy hunk is so impressed with the Gerard Butler starrer Law Abiding Citizen that he wants to officially remake it in Hindi now

John Abraham wants to acquire the rights of Gerard Butler’s Law Abiding Citizen so that the Indian audience gets to see the adaptation of this interesting crime thriller, with John in the lead. And now that he is all set to become the desi Gerry, we can already imagine Mr Abraham gearing up for the role. The movie is about a man who’s all set to take revenge for his family’s murder, and how that drives him to kill multiple people involved in the crime. Butler’s look in the movie was very plain and casual. He was seen in slight stubble and a fit bod, with that six-pack abs sticking out whenever he went shirtless in the film. Now, sporting a fab torso just like Gerard is obviously a cakewalk for John. But when it comes to emoting intense scenes, and portraying the need to be ardently vindictive, we wonder how John is going to pull that off. Abraham surely has to work super hard on his thespian skills.

If things go as per plan, we will reportedly get to see the movie by mid-2013, and Abraham kick the hell out of the bad guys…on the big screen, of course!