Can Katrina Kaif recreate the chemistry Shahrukh Khan shared with Kajol?

Can Katrina Kaif recreate the chemistry Shahrukh Khan shared with Kajol?

It’s a tough order to live up to, but we hear that the superstar’s leading lady was told to take cue from Kajol of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge for the romantic scenes in Yash Chopra’s latest love story

Out of all of Shahrukh Khan’s leading ladies, Kajol undoubtedly shares the best onscreen chemistry with the badshah of romance. It’s not that he doesn’t look good with Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma. The camera captures the awe and adulation the pretty young ladies have for the superstar. But whenever SRK has shared the screen space with Kajol, Madhuri Dixit or Juhi Chawla, the physicality and mental understanding between them has been natural and plausible. SRK and Kads look the best together though. May be because they were young and walking the same road to stardom together made them look most comfortable with each other.

Recently, during the shoot of Yash Chopra’s romantic drama, SRK’s newest co-star Katrina Kaif was experiencing difficultly looking in love with the superstar. Probably because she was too much in awe of the king of romance! To make things simple and easy for the Chikni Chameli, Chopra senior’s son Aditya, who is supposed to be directing the romantic scenes in the film, told her to keep in mind the playful and uninhibited Kajol of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. In fact, the love scenes between SRK-Kat are inspired from SRK-Kajol’s equation in the romantic blockbuster.

Katrina is definitely happy with the way the romance in the film has turned out. “I’d like to think Shah Rukh and I share the same on-screen chemistry as he did with Kajol and Madhuri. I’ve learnt a lot by simply observing him especially in the romantic sequences,” she said in an interview.

Let’s wait to watch if Kat has managed to relive the chemistry SRK and Kajol shared. While we doubt it could be possible, we wouldn’t be shocked if Kat surprised us.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • malika

    I think it’s impossible to make a good chemistry as kajol for us non-Indians because it is very difficult to forget their age difference is an actress katrina off means

    • sonu

      I think sea this matter as only entertainment eye shahrukh & katrina both look very good with each other as a pair both are very professional

  • peck

    Kate is such a doll. Somehow I cannot see her as an actress. She seems very platonic. Pouty lips and big smiles is all I see.

  • Amy

    Kajol and Katrina are not comparable ! Kajol is a good actress !!Katrina is very very bad !How can it be compared to Kajol?? PFFF !!! KAJOL THE BEST ACTRESS !!!!!

  • jagat

    when someone asks you a question you don’t want to answer, smile and ask why do you want to know

  • Mi9

    Actually the only mistake yashji made in this movie is Kat…she will ruin it with her wooden faced face…ughhh and please dont mention kajols name with kat…its an insult to kajol

  • ig

    katrina really love srk and trying had to be his wife!!?? but only one reason is keeping her……(we will tell u the reason when the time comes)that is way she is denying anything…. we know anything about they new hidden love affair!!1

  • Julia

    Wh t i d n’t r lize s in truth h w ou’r no long r re lly mu h m r well- referr d th n y u may be right now. Y u re very int leinlgt. You kn w ther f r on der bl with reg rds to th t pic, m d me for my part b liev t from so m ny v ri us ngl . It like w m n nd m n aren’t nvolv d unle t’s s mething t do with Girl g ga! Y ur ndividu l tuff n c . At ll t m s car f r it up!

  • latifat

    Seriously kat is a good actress but……….. Kajol is just 2 wonderful. How can u imagine dat kat will ever be like kajol with SRK…….it’s very impossible…… Their chemistry might be good which I doubt…….but d chemistry of SRK and Queen Kajoy even Kareena and Rani is something Kat can never achieve…. Not even half of it….. Everything is not abt d dool face kat, I 4 1 person need a real act frm u…… So pls surprise me… I ilke u,,,, but wen it comes to d Queens Kajol, Kareena, Ash and Rani…..sorry u are just nowhere…..

  • zohaib


  • nilima

    srkajol evergreen any actresses can compare them

  • kmeee

    no way,..plz dnt cmpre sharuk and kajol chemstry with borng actr like katrina kaif i wtch jab tk hai jaan and i fnd it as borng as katrina actng,.she tried too heard to shre the bst chemstry wth sharuk than kajol and that mke me mre irritatd,.sharuk and kajol atng luks natural and they r just mde 4 each othr no one can cmpte them

  • musi

    sorryyyy kat i rate you 0% wth ur chmstry wth sharuk,.u do look beauty but u have no actng skill and u are not comprble wth kajol she is wondrful actr and no 1 can steal her chemstry wth her buddy sharuk,.they r the best and they will always be in the feature too, the evr green and the romantic chemstry ever srk&kajol the best

  • limka

    srkkjol always,..:-)