Can Ranbir Kapoor ever be serious about a girl?

The Barfi! actor confessed in a recent interview that he’s supremely embarrassed about being single at 29, and that he doesn’t mind getting into a live-in relationship some day

 Looks like Ranbir has all the time to have fun with sexy chicks, but when it comes to committing, he develops cold feet. But the Kapoor kid believes that he is going to be struck by the love thunderbolt, no matter what he may actually want.And even though he has messed up his previous relationships big time and chortled at his fleeting flings, RK still thinks Cupid is going to be shooting in his direction and very soon he will find a partner that he can fall head over heels in love with. But before the actor indulges in some heavy-duty romance, he’s making sure that he revels in plenty of pre-serious relationship fun. So we hear that the Kapoor sonny boy was recently seen partying with Anushka Sharma till the wee hours of the morning, but when he came out of the venue, he was spotted with Bong babe Riya Sen. Phew! We wonder how RK manages to multitask so efficiently.

Well, we suggest he take the route to abstinence for a while. A little R&R never hurt, no? Maybe then some girl will think about living-in with RK, and that could lead to something more solid and long-term. And that, in turn, will definitely warm the cockles of our collective heart!