Can Rani Mukerji pull off Sridevi’s Chaalbaaz look in Aiyya?

Can Rani Mukerji pull off Sridevi’s Chaalbaaz look in Aiyya?

The Bong babe was seen shooting in the same outfit that Sridevi wore in the song Na jaane in Chaalbaaz, and we think she looks really cool

We hear Rani Mukerji will be paying tribute to Sridevi in her new film Aiyya. So as we spotted few pictures of Rani wearing a transparent raincoat, three-fourth denims attached to cool suspenders and a funky hat, shooting at an outdoor location, we wondered if the Bong babe would be able to bring her goofy self to the fore, just the way Sridevi did in Chaalbaaz.

Rani looked cute in the funky ensemble. And we hear the Bong babe is desperately waiting for the promo of her new film to release. She wants to get involved in the marketing activities ASAP, without wasting much time. Now we know the reason why! The No One Killed Jessica babe is tired of the surprise element in Aiyya. Looks like she simply wants to gauge our reaction and know what we think about her Sridevi inspired look and obviously her interesting Marathi mulgi character in the film. And that lavani…!

And while Ms Rani takes a much needed rest before she gets busy playing hardcore publicity games, here are couple of raincoat options you must try if you want to look as smart as Sridevi in Chaalbaaz - and Rani in Aiyya, of course!

Sonya Vajifdar (designer rain coats) – Rs 5000 /- approx

Victoria’s Secret – Rs 5500/- approx

Mango rain jacket – Rs 5900/- approx

Hypercity – Rs. 200-500/- approx

Colaba Causeway – Rs 150-300 approx

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  • Sumit

    Chaalbaaz one of the platform where Sridevi showed her versatility at its best. And to pull off a Sridevi itself is something next to impossible. Though you have got all right with denimes, jacket, hat n accessories what sets Sridevi apart is her zingy charm and inimitable expressions.. You ll have to work a hell to come atleast close to that Iconic role… good that u r safe promoting it as a Tribute :) good luck anywys.

  • Deepa Bhatia

    Rani is a brilliant actress, She will do full jsutice to the song …but unfortunately there’s only one Sridevi and imitating her is VERY VERY VERY difficult. If Rani manages to do 60% of what Sridevi did, she will still be a winner. Good Luck to her!

  • vinna

    Rani is good actress but she spoil her image by aiyya film.she no need to do 2pc kapdey film. why she want to follow vidya balan footstep.come on Rani you cant be another vidya balan. vidya balan always is vidya balan ok. why? good actress want to be Item masala girls.