Can Saif Ali Khan do a funny-zombie act?

The makers of Shor in the City are planning a zom-com with Kareena’s beau and hope to make it a horror flick that has everyone in giggles

They hit it big with Shor in the City and now Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru are working on Go, Goa, Gone, with Kunal Khemu in the lead. Old news. Everyone knows that one is happening. And the film will be a zom-com, a laugh-riot with zombies as the main stars, a la Scream. Ho-hum. Been there, heard that. And then someone told us something that made us giggle even more. This haha-boo flick is gonna have Saif Ali Khan in a major role, teaming with his possible bro-in-law – the thing about Kunal and Soha Ali Khan is even older news, yawn! – in the film. No, hang on, this is the real newsy part: Krish and Raj say that Saif signed on because he was…ahem…impressed by a previous movie they made called 99 (did anyone watch that one?) and was willing to take a longer and harder look at the GGG script after that. First draft gave way to second and so on, and finally everything is ready to roll. And the duo chose to play with comedy – that’s what they are best at, they say – backed with an edgy story and even more edgy script. Some of the film will be shot in Mauritius, while most of it is set in Goa. But we do have one observation to share with you: considering that Saif sleepwalked through so many of his early films, don’t you think he will grab all the awards for this one?