Can Shahrukh keep pace with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn?

Can Shahrukh keep pace with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn?

The RA.One star is essentially the poster boy for romantic films, but it seems like he is moving slowly and steadily towards focussing on the action genre

Shahrukh Khan does have a liking for action, something that was evident even in the most romantic film of our times – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. Legend has it that SRK ghost-directed the action sequence that precedes the finale in DDLJ, despite having disagreements with director Aditya Chopra, who was apparently against the bloodshed that eventually made its way into the film. Sixteen years after DDLJ, the King Khan has two films that are high on action – RA.One and Don 2. We now heard that SRK will be doing another action film later next year with the Singham director Rohit Shetty. It is common knowledge that Shahrukh’s outings in action films have caused him a lot of physical pain, resulting in surgeries to fix his battered bod. While his fans love him for his mushy Bollywood roles, it seems like he is trying to impress his son Aryan with his on-screen machismo. While we aren’t totally sure about who SRK is trying to target with his movie, the fact is that the genre of action films has become synonymous with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn and if their last two films (Bodyguard and Singham) are anything to go by, there is a lot of sweat and toil in store for our favourite hero, Raj, Rahul, G.One, or whatever he really is. Six-pack abs have become passé and we are waiting to see if King Khan hits the gym with a vengeance and surprises us like Aamir Khan did with his bulked up look in Ghajini. But would that quintessential SRK pose, arms out, body a-tilt, eyes warm brandy, work with buffed muscles?

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  • sandidi

    perhaps you could do a little research before going out on a limb and making a fool of yourself! the Rohit Shetty movie is going to be a romantic film, not an action one.

  • Wasim

    Don’t talk about salman, becuz i hate his bludy acting, i think salman should take retirement from bolywood becuz he know nothing about acting. ‘shame on salman’

    • ANR

      It doesn’t matter whether you hate or love him! The world wants and loves him. That’s the reason why he is reigning the box-office with three back-to-back 100+ crore grossed-films. So far, he has been the only actor in Bollywood who has done it. Whether accept or deny, it is the plain truth.

    • saroj

      wasimm tu pagal hai

    • UM

      shame on you.. thats for sure,

      if you think he cant act, then stop watching, people who like him and his acting will see them…

    • priya movie is leaked

  • ejaz

    srk gando hai

    • Asad srk

      Your father is gandoo biggest gandoo in the world…srk rockzz

  • Wasim

    Salman is criminal, usko jel me hona chahiye, insa allah ek din wo jrur intakal farmayega. Mai salman k jnaje me jrur jawunga

    • Ro

      1st time in indian cinema a chakka is palying the role of super hero in RA-one

    • Rosh

      Srk is srgayyy….!!

    • MD

      Wasim, tere ko kaisai bata hai ki Salman criminal hai. Tu ne dekha hai kya! Aur doosre ko bodduwa de ne mein kirpa karke Allah ka naam mat lo!

      • Wasim

        Mai salman ka fan hu lekin Salman ko acting nahi aati hai aur yahi sach hai, ‘mano ya na mano’ he shud take retirement, only earn money is not every thing.

        • sanjeet

          wasim bhai tu pagal ho gaya hai jakar doctor se check kara tu, aur salman ki filme dekhna to chhod hi de tu, pura desh uske sath hai ek kam ho jayega to use koi farq nahi padega.

    • saroj

      pagal hai tu sale……..

    • ra

      sale tu such mai pagal hai salman super hero hai samja srk kutta hay samja pir nahi samjaunga ok salman khan tiger hai dabbang hai my swt sallu

  • MD

    Let’s see whether SRK, in action genre, can keep pace with them or not. Only time will tell. Guys, abusing other actors does not make his or her own favourite actor great. It’s undeniable that SRK is one of the greatest actors in Bollywood. Each of these actors: SRK, Amir, Salman,Ajay, Hrithik, Sanjay, Saif is good on his own! Please stop abusing others! Great people never say bad things about others!

  • Wasim

    Hello Md. Aaj mai tumhe bta hi deta hu k salman kyu criminal hai, mai salman ka fan hun aur mai uski har film dekhne khusi-khusi jata hu lekin jab film dekhta hu to uski ghatiya acting dekh kar meri sari khusiyo ka maut ho jata hai, isiliye mai usko criminal kahta hu.

    • MD

      Toh phir mat Jaao uski film dekhne ke liye. Sidi baat hai samjo yaar! Aur usko criminal kehna chud do. Kyun ki uski dekne wala bahot ziyada hai bhai. Warna uski haar film blockbuster ho nahin pata. Wait for Ek Tha Tiger and Sher Khan. You will see so many things new

    • Raj

      are gadhe wasim pagal hai kya salman sabse hot hai samja srk hai hijda hai

  • Wasim

    Hello frnds, r you satify with my coments on salman, maine jo kuch salman k bare me kaha hai wo haq ba hai aur haq kahne me jhijhak kaisi. Mai chahta hu k aap v sachayi ko mane aur unch awaj me bole ”SALMAN KO ACTING NAHI AATI”

    • biggest flop

      sale teri maa ko nahi acting aati, u srgays champcha

    • MD

      Usko Runa Duna jaisai acting zaroorat nahin hai. Just by showing his-real-self on screen, he can make his films blockbusters. So why do he need to do acting! Most of his films resemble his real life character. That’s the reason why his fans endear him so much.

    • Ra.One Disaster

      @ Wasim : mere bhai, tumhare GGG bhar gae kya joh ki Salman ki GGG may Oongli kar rahe hoo…..

    • sunil

      sale phir kaai ka salman fan tu. ghanta fan.

  • Ra.1

    NO DOUBT SRK was a unique romantic hero.BUT after hitting gym he is seeming hag, old age..he lost his freshness unlike SALLU MIA…but action!!! this is incompatible with SRK…on th other hand sallu bhai’s humor , temper, imprisoned, maverick, reckless, desperado, mutinous attitude made him acceptable to the people…SO SALLU BHAI IS KING OF ACCTION.

  • AD

    ye wasim pagla kaun hai. Psycho hai sala ise hi pagal khane bhijwa do.

  • Sanya

    First of all… Rohit Shetty is planning to do an “INTENSE LOVE STORY” with SRK. At least try to give the right news if you can’t say anything nice. Secondly, SRK himself said at the GIMA Awards last night that he’s tired of doing action films. Now he wants to do a romantic film. Which he is doing with Yash Chopra’s next. Seriously… are you the journalist or am I?

  • PK

    There is only one king of action that is The Lion king Ajay devgn and also Dabanng Salman is good.But shahrukh in action ? Oh no ! My foot,he is actor for,srk vaisi hi filme banao don’t try to be oversmart

    • sallurocks

      vry true

  • syed fasiuddin

    23 DEC
    it will be world war 3. on box office collection

  • K

    it is not appropriate to call Shahrukh as King Khan

  • ANIL

    Seriouslyyy, Shahrukh Khan has lost his charm.. He looks like an elder brother to Kareena…and dance, plsss is that called dance, horrible moves by him….

  • KRD

    Never ever sharukh can compete with Salman and Ajay in action movies……
    so please sharukh you are looking like a monkey not like a superman in RaOne….. you do your kind of movies rona dona…. not action please

    • syed fasiuddin

      jao bhai jao

    • Asad srk

      Monkey is your mother and father

  • Wasim

    Listen frnds, i am always talk the truth. Mai bhi Salman ka fan hu lekin iska ye matlab nahi k mai uski jhuti taarif kru, salman ko acting nhi aati hai aur ye bat tum log bhi jante ho fir kyu nahi schayi ko accept krte ho, ye alag bat hai k uski filme lagatar hit ho rhi hai lekin ye bhi to socho k wo kitni low clas ki filme kar rha hai, tum log apne dil se pucho to tumhara dil v yahi kahega k ‘salman ko acting nahi aati hai.’

  • Wasim

    Listen frnds, i am always talk the truth. Mai bhi Salman ka fan hu lekin iska ye matlab nahi k mai uski jhuti taarif kru, salman ko acting nhi aati hai aur ye bat tum log bhi jante ho fir kyu nahi schayi ko accept krte ho, ye alag bat hai k uski filme lagatar hit ho rhi hai lekin ye bhi to socho k wo kitni low clas ki filme kar rha hai, tum log apne dil se pucho to tumhara dil v yahi kahega k ‘salman ko acting nahi aati hai.’ ”am i right frnds’

    • Asad srk

      You are 100% right wasim,,,,salman is gay khan……srk rockzzz

    • sunil

      sala,salman ke fan ke vesh me shaharukh ka kutta bhook raha hai

  • mitul

    shahrukh can only make sheep’s sound not action films. dont noe wat ll his film do but it cant beat salman’s boxoffice record for sure

  • rony

    wasim bro,u should watch some of salman`s movies i m recommending-tere naam,hddcs,hahk,kyon ki,janeemaan,cccc,phir milenge.acting is not only defined by breaking down in tears,

  • Aasif

    Waseem sale tere ko kya pata k salman tera baap hai us ke saamne srk kuch bhi nahi hai.

  • sayani

    SRK always busy to leg pull Salman Khan,this kind of mentality can’t diserve the tag of”Badshah”.I think so.

    • salman

      sayani tu bi kya ha srk kutta hai tho tu bi kutti/kutta banegi kya bol sallu is indian super super hero my sallu handsome man in world samaja na pir nahi aunga samjane ok vapas mat aisa bolna ok