Can Shahrukh Khan be the ideal superhero?

Can Shahrukh Khan be the ideal superhero?

We’ve seen Christian Bale, Brandon Routh, Andrew Garfield and even Hrithik Roshan play the sturdy, sexy and absolutely drop dead gorgeous superheroes. And then Shahrukh Khan launches his super-inspired RA.One

There is no doubt that he is Bollywood’s biggest superstar, but carrying off the persona of a superhero needs a tad bit more than stardom and money. Here are the many reasons why we think SRK might not be able to fit the superhero part:

Shahrukh claims that he is doing this film for his son but his son himself feels that SRK is not cool enough to be a superhero! The lad prefers SRK’s good friend Hrithik Roshan instead. We are quite sure that Aryan is looking forward to Krissh 2 a lot more than his daddy’s RA.One! Since Hrithik has already established himself as the Indian superhero, Shahrukh would have to double his efforts to get noticed. Well we are quite touched with SRK’s special gift to his son and hope that it lives up to his expectations.

Shahrukh Khan is probably the most damaged (read injured) actor in Bollywood at present. Sure at 46, the actor is still at the peak of his career, well if Amitabh can at 69 then Shahrukh definitely can. But the actor has been going through several treatments for innumerable injuries and for some rather dislocated and broken parts of his body. His previous stunts and action sequences have taken a toll on him and he has had to take several breaks to deal with broken ribs, knees, elbow, ankle and shoulder.

No one denies the efforts Shahrukh has taken for his pet project but does everything have to be inspired from Hollywood? His costume minus the blue addition looks inspired from Iron Man. He flies like Krrish and Superman and probably uses Batman’s batmobile. What we really want to know is: What is it that G.One (SRK’s character in Ra.One) can do, that other superheroes can’t? We’d ideally like to come out of the theatre with our minds blown away with his unique superpowers instead of constantly comparing him with other superheroes, don’t we?

Shahrukh started the trend of six-pack abs with Om Shanti Om (albeit with some lighting effects!). And he continues to cash in on the phenomena with RA.One. Methinks it’s quite obvious that SRK has taken the help of SFX this time around rather than waste all those extra hours in the gym in a bid to attain a toned body.

Honestly, yours truly is waiting with bated breath to see if SRK manages to live up to all the hype he’s creating for his ambitious sci-fi flick. And let’s hope that King Khan is able to set a new superhero benchmark!

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  • mahesh

    hi shahrukh how r u
    its true ur the ideal of all the young generation

    • James

      This is the time to encourage such genre & efforts put into this project. But do not support such articles (as above) which is based on speculations/own creative thinking etc.

  • satish shinde

    yes ofcourse

  • Shivam khanna

    Your answer was given by SRK himself in his interview after the music launch.. You are just mad to say SRK can’t pull of Superhero role… I guess you will be able to write better after you watch… You are the people paid by AAmir Or salman to discourage people to watch his movie… But sorry i guess rarely anyone is going by your absurd news…

  • Shareen

    Honestly, no one cares about what you think.

    How the hell do you know what Aryan thinks? Are you God? Don’t think so.

    All superheroes… be it Hollywood or Bollywood ARE the same. I suggest you do more research before you write rubbish like this and make yourself look like a fool.

    You already have negative views of the film so even if the movie becomes the biggest hit of all time… you won’t like it. So like I said at the beginning… no one gives a damn about what you think.

    • shaikh

      very well said!!!….no one gives a damn about what u think and who the hell are you to post such a rubbish article…people like you creates a bad impression for the MEDIA between us…ur partiality is reflected on ur article and the extremists like you will always look back for the loop holes and will never appreciate the good cause…


    I won’t watch it because I like Saurav much more than Shahrukh.

  • Asad khan nasar

    Yes afcourse shahrukh khan is the idiol for super hero and plz plz promotes srk and

  • owais khan

    great article. you took the word right out of my mouth.

  • tiana

    On thing is for sure, what he has done should be appreciated, its obvious that the movie is in a total different league, he is taking bollywood to a higher level and that is evident from the BRILLIANT music of the movie.
    critics and writers BE FAIR and just see how he has tried to build a new platform in Bollywood!
    I think the movie is gonna be amazing, it has the best actors of the country and a marvelus team behind it and moreover is equipped with the best music album ever. and yes HE CAN and WILL be the best superhero the world has seen

  • lucky

    bollywood life is leaving no stone unturned to bash shahrukh. but alas , people had been trying since darr days.never worked.srk is king.

  • Ahmed

    Who the hell is the writer of this article. Need some hit on this?? right? So u pick the right subject (Shah Rukh Khan). Your writings are purely one sided. And you have prove that you are one of those jealous people for the continuous rise of Shah Rukh Khan. Nevertheless you shall get the answer to all your questions after the release of needs some negative critics like u to spit on the mouth after success! Rubbish…FO

  • roushan singh

    we have to wait till movie release.In recent days SRK has been left behind by salman for his CHARISMA and FLAMBOYANT nature,Amir for his creativity but axiuomatically SRK acting are far better than these two

  • asad khan nasar

    Yes srk is the idiol of super hero and king khan is the super one hero in the world and plz promotes srk.Thanks

  • asad khan nasar

    srk is the best.

  • asad khan nasar is a very good film.

  • asad khan nasar

    chamak chalo is avery excellent song also dil dara.

  • asad khan nasar

    yes he is the great super hero.

  • asad khan nasar

    king khan is the best and will make 300 crore Inshahallah.

  • asad khan nasar

    yes and is the best and king khan is the super hero.

  • Bazz khan

    yes i love you srk.

  • Hafeez ullah khan nasar is the super hero and i am proud of you.

  • Abdal khan

    Sub se acha srk or hain.

  • Khushal khan nasar

    Bachay ko bawoth pasand kara gay.

  • amial khan

    yes is the super hero.

  • asad khan nasar

    yes and i am proud of you srk and

  • ahmed shah

    srk is the Bazigar.

  • asad khan nasar

    Srk sub se acha a i love u srk. Thanks

  • b k mohanty

    I am surprised at the title King Khan, Who coined it and why? He is not a film mamker of Amir’s Standard nor giving too many hits like Salman Khan.Like most of the film actors he is only interested making money.He can only be one of the front ranking Bollywood actors like Salman, Akshay or Ajay Debgan. As an actor he is never comparable to RajniKant or Amitabh Bachan.

    • Arhaan

      Dear who are u to decide wether he is king khan or not. he is SRK his name is one of the biggest brand in world not only in india. and talking of yourself who doesn’t know who AJAY DEVGAN (DEBGAN) is then how could you compare Aamir and Salman with SRK. they are other generation actors but SRK is Uncomparable what do yuo think SRK is Famous today what for has he had money from start no But acting did earn him thsi today what he has Today. You dumbo

    • Divyajeet Chauhan

      I think you are not that much in bollywood movies, you prefer telugu movies, i guess. Check his career graph he has given most hits even in the worst time for bollywood. He was never down like Salman was before ‘Wanted’ or Like Aamir before ‘Rang De Basanti’. Just a year break and you think that they are better then him. On Jan 2012, he will be a clear winner again. No comparisions then

    • Nick

      Are you frickin living in Denial or something?

      7 out of top 10 highest Bollywood grossing movies overseas are SRK movies (if you don’t believe then go to Yes only 2 out of 10 all time Bollywood grosser domestically are SRK movies but that’s only because he has not been doing a lot of movies in the last few years (2 movies in the last 4 years). If you had checked that list in 2006 or 2007, he had around 5 and most of them were in the top 5. On top of everything he has been the most watched, adored, awarded and successful actor India has ever seen!

      Wait until Ra one and Don 2 are released!

      • Saghar

        Srk movies do well overseas because of directors like karan johar and aditya chopra who cast him in all their movies. Most of his movies dat r successful only because of his directors not him. His acting sucx. Aamir, Ajay, Amitabh are the real actors who do all kinds of roles.

  • Gopal Gupta

    good article.
    koi agar sachchai kahe to in sharuk supporters ko pasand nahi aata hai.kyuki inhe to bus uski jhoothi taarif pasand hai.
    are tumhare nazar me to wo pehle hi superhero hai fir kyu chilla rahe ho ki wo superhero ke roop me achcha lagega.
    tumhare liye to wo pehle se hi superhero king baadshah top of the world sab hai.
    special effects,vfx,sfx technology se film banane se koi film international standard ki nahi ho jaati hai.
    ye to iska ahankar hai ki log ise king to kehte hi hai ab ise superhero bhi bulaye.

  • Owais Khan

    Great article, all comparisons are valid and it seems the film has ripped of from elements from various other films (Iron Man,Batman).

  • Dinesh

    SRK is a super Hero so funny. He is not supposed to be super hero like Ajay did in Singham, Salman in dabbang

    • md waseem

      aare dinesh.teri gand phodtaon samjha.shah rukh bhai ke liye kuch bola to.

  • vijay

    ra1 super duper movie

  • Ashraf

    Shahrukh is best hero in bollywood. He is ‘BOLLYWOOD KING’. Usse achhi acting kisi ko karni nahi aati. Puri film me haklakar bolna koi aasan baat nahi hai. He is super hero. Salman to chhakka hai ek Aurat ka bodyguard banta hai. Sala, bharva.

    • knitrails

      yeah gud 1..

  • Divyajeet Chauhan

    aur sachchai ye bhi hai ki Shahrukh is Biggest Bollywood Superstar. as he has written. So he can do anything. Everything you say about copying hollywood movies might not be true. But it is truw for sure that he is the biggest bollywood superstar.

  • Rick Basu

    Yaar…….ideal superhero woh vi SRk!!!How funny!!!
    I dnt think that.
    I think he should take his retierment from bollywood.He can talk the big thing that no one can compiate him.But he cant make the big.Shaala……..46 years ka budhaa.

  • sandeep singh

    i would like to say if there is no doubt shahrukh is real romantic hero if he is made the he is also prooving he is real super hero of bollywoood………///// and in the don 2 shahrukh your r looking awsome the real done of world………

  • surya

    The trend of six pack abs is started by salman khan not by SRK.surely ra one will be shattering all previous records of bollywood

  • Demonoid

    yes he is a superhero already

  • Sandeep

    Ideal…. no way… The only person who can play super heroes are Hrithik, Salman…

    • Rick Basu

      U r right dude….

    • polly

      i agre

  • priya hit zarur hogi nt because of srk because of publicity and special effects …srk cant be superhero because …in the promo we all can see there nothing is good expect that train scene

  • roger steven

    srk all the best i beleve ra1 super hit

  • vicky

    srk you rock in this film i hope this film is rokz

  • prasahnt

    i thnk srk is nly d ideal of bollyboow others r followers of him……..

  • afroz ansari

    you are too good.

  • Anonymous

    I can not understand why this article has created so much negativity around a film that has not even released yet. Ra1 is the closest bollywood have gotten to the action sequences from a hollywood movie. Yes Hrithik Roshan did well in Krissh. However, Krishh 2 seems a copy of X-men and Shah Rukh Khan is a better actor and more viable commercially.

  • santosh

    no way yaar srk to comedian lagega superhero ke role me hrithik aur salman khan mast lagta

  • gone1

    A1 hai g.


    kaun hai jisne yeh article likha…trailer nahi dekha lagta hai…. None of the bollywood has shown such a tremendous action… Watch out man !!! It brings Bollywood at Hollywood level…and it is an non-sense reason that..SRK got injured many times, so can’t perform the stunts…My dear, dats y it took two long years to make the film..aur haan 150 crore ki movie hai..dat shows something must be special in the film !!!
    PLZZZ STOP THESE NONSENSE…You people don’t know How to respect other’s Hardwork and Dedication !!!

    • ibrahim

      I totally agree with ur reply.. This guys sholud stop writing this ghissa pitta crap.. ll b path breaking in every way

  • amit prakash

    srk be always best

  • sumit kumar

    srk king khan