Can Shiney Ahuja resurrect his film career?

Things are finally looking bright for the Ghost actor; however we don’t think he can reclaim his position of a leading man in films, yet

At last the focus on Shiney Ahuja’s life has shifted from the alleged rape case to his professional duties, but it’s too soon for him to celebrate as the case is still pending in the Bombay High Court. After three long years the model-turned-actor returns to the big screen with Bharat Shah’s Ghost. Filmmaker Jahnu Barua recently told in an interview that he will release Har Pal – which was stuck due to the criminal charges against Shiney – in 2012. And finally the 30-plus actor is getting new offers. Shiney’s Woh Lamhe director, Anurag Basu, has offered him a part in Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra starrer Barfee. It is a cameo-length role but crucial to the plot so Basu offered it to his actor-friend. Both director and actor confirmed the news; however Shiney is yet to decide if he wants to do it. It’s obvious that he fears it will dampen his chances of getting lead roles and bind him to second leads and cameos in future. And that’s not what he set out to achieve when he began his film career. But Bollywood is very conscious of an actor’s ‘image’ so it could be a tad tricky for them to forget his past. Though, if any of the films get good business at the box office, the same producers will happily come knocking on his doors. So, we think for now Shiney should grab every good opportunity that comes his way. ‘Coz in this industry it’s like it or lump it!