Can you believe Jacqueline Fernandez is shy?

Can you believe Jacqueline Fernandez is shy?

The Murder 2 bombshell would like us to believe that she is shy

It seems that sexy Jacqueline is trying to do some damage control after doing the bold and intimate scenes in Murder 2.In a recent interview she said, “I am a very shy person, I must add here that I am not in real life what Priya was in Murder 2. I am not free with my body. I do wear shorts or glam outfits but that’s only for my work. At heart I’m still a convent school girl.” As much as we believe her, we would still like to see her doing more of such sizzling roles.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • umair khan

    jacqueline fernandez………@

    so beautiful actress in all bollywood…….!

    • vidya

      oh i thought she was a transexual ,looking more evil than shy , if she is a shy lady then how come she shoots steamy roles like none srilankan did ? easy way to fame made people hate her face even …what a waist send her back pls .