Cannes 2012: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wears a clingy Elie Saab on the red carpet!

Posted Sat, May 26, 2012 11:44am IST

Not the best choice, but Ash carries it off with a lot of confidence

After impressing us in the flowing Angelo Katsapis number and the Roberto Cavalli kaftan that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore off the red carpet, we expected the former beauty queen to do a lot better when on the red carpet. Li’l did we know that we were in for some ‘heavy’ disappointment.

After the safe Abu Jani- Sandeep Khosla sari, darling Aishwarya did indeed choose a western number for the red carpet event of ‘Cosmopolis’ premiere during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival. But what’s this? A clingy Elie Saab number? Really Ash, we thought you were supposed to stay away from anything that accentuated those unflattering curves. And must say, she looked very conscious of that as she sashayed down the red carpet.

Dear Ash, we know it required oodles of guts to don this outfit, and kudos to you for daring to step out in that one. Also, we loved the glow on your face as you posed for the shutterbugs, but wethinks you could’ve have definitely done much better with the choice of your outfit.


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  • djf

    just one word to her Fat and fake

    • Kamla

      She looks gorgeous as always and so proud she did not miss this event. Aish keep it up you look cool.

      • rakesh

        kamala are you a gey to appriciate a women? u should appreciate men

  • ishwaq

    hi all of bollywood

  • Sunita Khan

    She is beatifull again i love Aishwarya Rai from i was 2 year i am 9 year now and i love him.♥

  • premA

    she WAS a perfect example of beautiful OUTSIDE but UGLY inside . she’s so fake about everything i’m sure she’s not a good wife cos for that one has to actually love your husband.
    but husband and baby is already second to her SAGGING career. she’s giving priority to getting back her fame although she should just take care of her baby.
    comeon woman figure out whats really important in your life after all you are not getting any younger and it’s absolutely showing..

    • Myara

      You are a (enter explicitive here.) If she didn’t care about her baby why did she bring her to Cannes? If she didn’t care she would’ve left her at home like all the other celeb moms do. Ofcourse she cares about her baby. And no she doesn’t think her career is more important if that was the case why did she go on such a long hiatus after having a baby? The only reason she is at Cannes is to honor her professional commitment with L’oreal. Otherwise she wouldn’t have come. Don’t open your mouth because you have no idea what you’re saying! What is wrong with all the commenters on this page. I mean have some god damn respect! Stop being so god damn jealous Indians!

      • ramesh

        carring baby is gr8 but not old age aunty myra. many are commited to their workcoz lot of money and fame is involved in it…….tell her to inaugarate an orfanage she will not go there why?

        • karan

          Andrea Jeremiah is a sexy glamourous actress, singer in south india. Acted in movies .aishwarya has done nothing to this country.she goes to canes to earn money and fame.
          she is popular among crack pots

      • prakash

        a randee( prostitute gives respect to prostitute0 becouse their bussiness is same…………aunty myra is one of them

  • sharath

    randee no1 kithne forign ministers ke ssath bisthar gharam karke yahan pahunchi hai…..indians jago ess dain ko apna role model math mano…e thumhe dal bhi nahin dalegi

  • saroj

    apne se chote ladke abhi he saath shadi kiya maha buddy ne sharm nahi…gandh hilakar dance karna, chathee hilakar nachna yaak…..woh mere jaise chote ladke ka man nahi lubha salkthi chachi make up walee 420

  • rohan

    sabhi paise ka khel hai mere bhai…..rthum log ash ka baathon ko yaad karthe ho usne ess desh keliye artificial smile dene ke aalavea kya nekh kaam kiya….muje tho woh bhooth lagthi hai….3 hours uska movie dekne wala admi nahin hijada hee ho saktha hai

  • dinesh

    kali yugh mein randee yon ko puja jatha hai ….ash jaisee randee red carpet keliye nahin …kante ke bisthar per littana chahiye

  • raghu

    ash kee movie dekhne theen log jathe hai ek red lighrt area ke randeeya, budde log, mere jaise young log uske movie mein kadam bhi nahi rakthe hai…..mere fav heroin sabhi young aur natural hai….sonakshi, kareena…

  • ivan

    buddy thera khel sabee bhuddon keliye….humare liye nahi hai pathli gali pakad jaldi

  • harish shetty

    big companies apne product bech ne keliye har bhar ek country select kartha hai……..1994 mein india ko jeethakar indian market capture karne keliye miss india contest hua aur indian jeeth gaya..baad mein product jaise l’oreal ko bhahuth munafa hua……paise ka khel duniys janthee hai………… actress producers, directors , acrtors ke saath sokar no 1 position per jaathee hai….aise bhuthanee yon ko apna role model manana bevkhufee hai

  • HANS

    no 1 prostitute of indian film industry…..she cannot steal hearts of young boys we consider her as our aunties age…..i would like to see sonakshi in her place coz she is young looks real and her acting is much better compared to this old lady

  • vibhudh nayak

    why l’oreal company has selected this old ladyas their model?her looks are so plastic .she is not popular among us….she is popular among old people..hw can a ldy of 38yrs can attract boy of 26yrs?she is good 4 nothing kind………next time select young girls

  • preetam parwardhan

    at 38 most of the hair turns grey. why dis old lady wants to look young?

  • parminder khanna

    chudel hoti hai jo har minute apna rang badal badal ker logon ka shikar karthee hai. ash naamka ek chudel ne apnal buddy baal kaala kiya,eyes per eye shadow, artificial smile dal ker chudel bhoothni kee tharh nikalthi hai . nav jawano ye maha buddy hai.

  • karan

    ash ke uper song
    buddon ki rani,
    bhudiyon ki malika
    thera canes jaana
    flop hogaya
    na abhi hosh mein hai nahi jaya
    apna bhudape ka latti ( betti) ko sambhalo zara
    bal per safedh bal chupana, artificial rang mukhade per lagane se
    dhalthi umer nahi chupthi hai aunty aishwarya.

  • jatin singh

    kuch aurathe ash ko apna aadarash kyon manthihai?
    kyon ki woh bhi
    chudel no 1 banana chahathi hai.
    jithne forign ambacy, ministers hai unke saath,
    bade company malik ke saath, sone wali un ka aadarsh hai
    ghor kaliyugh hai bhai

  • alex pinto

    paint paint karke wrinkles hide karke , bal colour karke, bhudappa nahi chuptha auntyjee
    young ladke sabh janthe hai
    mausee ka umer kya hai
    girlfriend ka umer kya hai?
    flop queen of flop hero abhishekh

  • amar dhilon

    ash ka mahine ka expenditure janthe ho cores honge, uska ghar ka a/c ka bill lakh hai , body ke uper top to toe makeup expensive hai, uska forign trip bar bar jana, posh hotels mein teherna, india mein abhu janee sandeep ka costly kapade pehna in sabka paisa kaha se aatha hai?husband flop, eska film flop
    bathavu? forign trip ka kharcha waha ka raheese zyada, ministers dethe hai, india mein bhi wahee haal hai uska meine ankh dekhee baath kahee hai, woh ek bachalan aurath hai. india mein bahuth sundariyan hai …

  • nitin roy

    i would like to see real beauties of india ex: kareena, soakshi, in canes not aishwarya, she is too old now,our younger generation wants to see young people not the old ones, you know all my auntees are above 30 ,i am jiust 17 yrs old ,icannot understand why at this age after marriage,and giving birth to a baby she wants to show off her beauty? from jammu to kanyakumari we have many beauty queens.

  • yogesh sinha

    bachan ki bachalan bahu
    india ki aadarsh naree wah india
    chamak bhamak ki duniya
    ckarodon ka khel
    usper aadarsh tha ka chap
    raath mein sharabh, shabab, rang raliya
    aur thum ho bharath ki nariyon ka aadarsh
    mein tho thukunga aisee bachaln per

  • rishabh

    she is no one prostitute, why she is liked by amitab and jaya bachan? iwill tell you the reason, amitab was a charecterless person, he had affairs with rekha,now he has entered old age, his son is a flop hero, his expenditure per month exeeds lakhs, who will pay the bills thats why he has accepted prostitute as his daughter-in -law.

  • shanthanu garg

    she looks like an ordinary women without make up, why she is called as world beauty bhai saab, why indian old ladies blindly follow her, india is full of beauty queens.

  • rajesh kumar

    she always takes her mother to carry her personal things like: bag, mobile and that nobody could peep into her personal matters.but people think that she at this age takes care of her ,when people are blind they dont understand the story behind this
    i don’t understand kiss randee ke bete ne use padma vibhushan diya
    gandh hilakar nachne keliye? acting tho uska zero hai,

  • kiran jha

    aaj kal ka duniya bevakoof nahi hai aunty jee
    thumhara beauty fake hai,hum ullu nahi hai ki thumhe no 1 beauty kahe, abhi thum bhodon ka dil jeeth sakthi ho humara nahi

  • ramani

    i am a girls gay leader, our population in india is more than 1 lakh we all gals like you very much, we have already voted you as the most sexiest women of india.

  • radhika

    she is old and now unfit 4 dis film industry,my aunty is 35 now,hw can she be heroin of young boys?my aunties son is 20yrs old.we want to see young girls opposite young boyz

  • pratima deshmukh

    i am a girl gay,ilike aishwarya.s bums

  • fareeda singh

    i am 37yrs old and my daughter is 18yrs ,last year she got married and delivered a baby 37 i am a grandmother,because i got married at the age of 16yrs, you are 38 aishwarya ,retire gracefully

    • snowy

      I find that VERY disturbing fareeda singh! What kind of families do you people come from?

      Apparently, all your life goal is to BREED! Disgusting! What else other than breeding have you done useful with your life?

      What a waste of human life! Funny how un-educated women like you that have done NOTHING useful (other than increase the population of India even more!) lecture to others about how to live their lives.

      Good job ruining your daughter’s life too! Sick.

    • snowy

      Wait! Your daughter got married before 18 and had a baby before 18? So you perpetrated a crime by marrying off a minor? And you dare comment here?

      OK! Post your address and contact information. We need to get you to prison asap! That way you won’t ruin any more lives.

  • chand bibi

    my son likes sonakshi, kareena not you becouse you are of my age 38

  • hanika

    i am a gay girl last year my gay friends saw u in bombay airport,u looked beautiful. i often go to see film shooting that takes place in and around bombay with my gay girl friends among all actresses you look the sexiest

  • karthik lala

    aunty jee ,u are as old as my mom i like young kudeies not you

  • malika

    hw can you marry a boy(abhishekh) who is of your younger brothers age?
    i feel like vomtting

  • suman

    aunty aishwarya why did you marry abhi who is of your younger brother’s age ? don’t you feel guilty, you are shameless women , you are after name and fame,abhi looks like your younger brother , bachan ki bachalan bahu sonam you look gorgeous in front of aunty aish go ahead ,best of luck sonam baby

    • suman is an idiot

      Abe Suman, so it is ok for your mother to marry your father, who is your grandfather’s age? Your father looks like your mother’s father, not her husband. LOL!

      I suggest you do something useful in your pathetic life that your worthless parents gave you. By useful, I mean not breeding and increasing the population of India, but something meaningful. Clown!

  • Myara

    People below need to get a life and stop interferring in someone’s personal life. It’s the same idiot who keeps writing the same thing over & over under diff names. Anyways BL,do you know anything about fashion? Leave it to this site to hate on everything that has been given thumps up by every other fashion critic and international media. Everyone loved her in this. It’s a perfect fit, it hides her imperfections and not to mention it’s an impeccable fit. If she had worn something which showed off her arms you would’ve not liked that. And you can’t expect her to wear lose & flowy things all the time. For the 1st time since giving birth she has owned up to her curves in this dress & you’re hating on it. You liked the Abu Sandeep outfit yesterday I feel like you hate western designs. Well ppl are going to wear western designs whether you like it or not. Just because they’re Indian celebs doesn’t mean they have to wear Indian designers. And Aishwarya doesn’t choose her outfit at Cannes anyway. The L’oreal team does it all for her.

  • sima

    i live in red light area,i am a prostitute by profession, and i dont hesitate 2 say that, our strength is around 30,000. all of us are called randees in our locality, i dont care. we consider you and meena kumari as our guru. we dance to your dance number kajrare,and meena kumaries chalthe chalthe. people im our locality ownes computer we go there and watch ,urs and salu miya’s movie, i have kept my daughters name aishwaryaand younger ones meena. we all like your dress,indian or western, we know that you also went through many ups and down like us. afterall life of prostitute is very difficult,you have to sleep with actors, producers,and ministers . go ahead. we all love you,we are sailing in a same boat, urs is a ship ours is a tiny boat thats the difference between you and me

  • shabina

    aishwaryas dress was good but shelooked like an old lady,i liked sonam kapoor and her dress, sonakshi,
    i would like to see priyanka chopra,and sonakshi in canes.

  • sangeetha

    hats off to sonam ,she is sweet lil baby

  • pooja

    sonam u look like rekha,you looked like an angel that day.ash didnt look good infront of you baby

  • shwetha

    sonam is a perfect model 4 l’oreal paris she carry her self confidently,she is too good ash was looking ok not bad

  • anuradha

    i like kareena,sonakshi,sonamand the one and only sushmitha next time send sushmitha and sonakshi they look perfectin indian as well as western atire. aishwarya has become old now

  • chirag

    i will say only sonam was looking good and dashing that day.sonam u rock baby

  • kiran mukerjee

    there are lot of true indian beauties in india, the thing is they don’t participate in miss india contest.aishwarya became miss india in 1994. now if is participate she will definetly not get single vote, those days are gone. now a days many beauties are comming out to participate.

  • jeevan nayak

    when aishwarya became miss india in 1994 i was not born. now it is 2012,after 2years aishwarya is going to complete her 20 years of becoming miss india, in olden days competition was not tough now things have changed. you cannot compete with younger generation. you are as old as my mom

  • ratan puranik

    those who wear lots of make up and wear stylish clothes are considered as the world beauties. send these beauties as representatives of india to canes without any make up , people will doubt abt them.india is full of beauties,they dont wear make up, they are natural, they don’t wear abhu jani sandeep khoslas saree,they have not done surgery on their face ………still they are beautiful.they donot want people to vote them, where as aishwarya is not confident abt her beauty and age thats why on each web site she has opened her own site on which she writes is aish is the worlds beautiful lady/mom

  • Hrish gandhi

    we indians don’t believe a forign lady like julia robert calling aishwarya a beautifull women……….we indians believe in our selves first and my i’crore indian citizens… we consider aishwarya aunty as the most ordinary looking lady without and with make up

    • pankaj roy

      julia robert has not yet met the real beauties of julia robert. give her a time to visit india . ask my college friend they all say sonakhi, diya mirza, lara dutta, kareena are the real real true beauties of gr8 india not a single students says that aishwarya is beautiful,only she gets publicity from the media,thats all

  • SAgar

    aishwarya looks like tamil chief minister jaya lalitha

  • Yaman jain

    juliya robert is the ugliest lady who said aishwarya aunty the most beautiful, we all college mates call aishwarya aunty the most uglyest looking lady since our school days

  • rohith

    sometimes media and ad companies play impotant role in making a person successful, for example 5oo people vote for aishwarya these media and companies to gain publicity add 5 more zero at the back of 500 and then announce ……..5 lakh people have voted her .this and that . every thing is rubbish, now a days people have become smarter,wiser, each house owns a internet, mobile .media always hides negative marking

  • mihira daniel

    when i see aishwarya auntys grey eyes ( l’oreal paris ad) i feel scared,i cann’t sleep properly,her eyes resembles the eyes of ghost.

  • kirthi singh

    whenever the l’oreal paris ad flash on t.v screen i feel so scared that I refuse to move until my mom comes there, aish auntys eyes looks like a ghost eyes

  • abhilasya jain

    jab jab aishwarya aunty ankhe bade chote karthee hai muje the ring movie ka ghost lagh thi hai aur mein raath ko teek ankh bandh karu tho uska l’oreal paris ka chehera bhooth jaisa samne aatha hai.

  • Dharmendra kumar

    Hi Abhilasya jee , Abhishek bachchan to akele hai , phir aishwarya aapka aunty kaise ho gai. Kya Amitabh ek bete ko chhupakar rakhe the. How wonderful matter.

  • paris

    i know plastic surgery is a personal thing but it really should be made public knowledge…for the sake of all the thousands of fans who actually believe that these bollywood stars have real beauty, aishwar has done lot of plastic surgery on her face ,being a doc i have seen her admitted in the hospital, she has increased her eye length to 2 c.m she has made correction on her nose 2 times and uses botox quite often.

  • ranjan

    Forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles and the deep wrinkles respond very well to Botox ………… at 38 most of the hair turns grey,body start sagging,wrinkles are visible,however hard these actresses try their best to look young,time and tide waits for none

    • snowy

      You must speak from experience? Is that how you look, or the women in your life? Sad. Your family must have some bad genes!

      The women I know look nothing like what you describe, and no they haven’t even gone anywhere near botox.

  • rishabh

    i like to watch the glowing stars deepika, sonam,vidya balan,kareena and the one and only sonakshi …..definetly not the falling …….comet ( aunty aishwarya)

    • snowy

      lol. In 10 yrs from now thou shall be called Uncle Rishabh. What then?