Ram Charan Teja’s entourage manhandle people at traffic signal; case registered

Ram Charan Teja’s entourage manhandle people at traffic signal; case registered

The Zanjeer actor apparently lost his cool when he wasn’t allowed to take a turn at the traffic signal

Telugu actor Ram Charan Teja on Sunday allegedly got two people manhandled by his bodyguards for not making way for him at a traffic signal here. A case has been registered against the actor at the Banjara Hills police station.

“Ram Charan was returning after shopping from Banjara Hills when the incident took place near Taj Krishna traffic signal. When a Maruti Alto car driven by Phanish, who was accompanied by Kalyan, didn’t make way for Ram to take a free left, the actor lost his temper,” Circle Inspector Murali of Banjara Hills police station told reporters.

“After yelling at Phanish and Kalyan, Ram made his way through the traffic and parked his car in front of their car. He then called for his entourage and six men arrived on the scene to beat up Kalyan and Phanish,” he added.

Police have taken the statement of the victims.

Son of popular Telugu actor and union Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan has worked in Telugu films such as Chirutha, Magadheera and Naayak. He is soon to be seen in his Hindi debut Zanjeer, remake of Hindi cult classic of the same name.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pavan mani kumar

    ram charan sir did not make this type tricks…he is our NAYAK…we r his thooFANS

    • sekar


    • Narasimha Rao

      …I request all…that …the ….Only punishment what we can give him is not to watch their (family) movies.We cannot do anything more this they have (our)money and power….. I pray god ram should realise and apologize those software engineers……

      • software engineer

        Ur words cant reach more than 100 people.
        go somewhere and bark.

  • Ravi

    Ram charan is horrible actor and added to it, disgusting behaviour made him the worst person on the earth.
    throw him out of the industry, i am never wanna watch his movie again

  • gopal r

    pathetic actor with awful face.i hate him

  • Ramesh

    Charan, you had some many facial surgeries to appear like a human being. Your behaviour should also change!

    • munni

      wish Appolo hospitals could do some surgeries for behavior as well:P

  • balakrishna

    pulikesu-use less disgusting behaviou ,showing off his money and muscle power.idiotic person.needs to infuse ….


      He didn’t showed even his muscle power.. he just showed his money power.. just think what would had happened to him if he himself fight with those two techies without his security guards.. pottinaakodukki dula teeripoyedi.. thappinchukunnadu anthe..

  • chiranjeevi

    what a manners less feloow, his dad did not teach him enough manners,dont watch his movies

    • english teacher

      dude,,better learn to speak proper english first..

    • english teacher

      I request you to goto school again and learn proper vocabulary.

  • kutti jaanu

    stupids,dont talk rubbish about cherry without knowing what had happened.he is a good actor


      Which movie in his career can u say that he is a good actor..
      1. chiruta is a flop movie.
      2. Magadheera is a hit movie that total credit goes to rajamouli.. just think how big the hit would be if it was taken with prabhas with rajamouli’s talent.
      3. Orange is again an utter flop
      4. Racha.. I still dont understand whats there in that movie which u people think its a super hit.
      5. Nayak its a mixture of Simhadri, Adhurs, Simhachalam. No one find’s his acting in that movie tooo..
      6. With those movies now he is acting in bollywood.. you know how he that offer in bollywood?? he/his father is the producer on the back end. other wise how could you imagine that he got a chance in bollywood to such a dwarf fellow..

  • shashi.

    Manner less fellow..go to school and learn some manners…waste candidate of film industry…his father didnt taught how to behave with others…change your behaviour..

  • Anonymous

    Software engineers teach him a lesson.

    • software engineer

      better to buy a pirated CD and watch it as you theft it.

  • Ravi

    The News Published here is False…. A Lot happened b4… Ram Charan didnt Man Handle any person…. When he was Annoyed by some ppl cntnuisly he Called his Personal body gaurds n dey took care of dose pple who were drunk n created Non-sense… Telugu media which always Shows Step Mother behaviour towards Chiranjeevi n His Family ( Coz, dey do nt belong to prtclr Caste , as almost all Media Chnnls are in da Hands of another caste ppl) has over shown abt dis incident… Dats it… Ram Charan never cmmts Mistake…

  • Santosh

    The software engineers riding on the car … seems to behave like a drunker,
    1. Why did he come out of his car on to the road without wearing chappals on a sunny hot afternoon?
    2. Why his car has more than 5 traffic break and red cross fine imposed by Hyderabad Traffic police? – a careless driver..
    3. Why did he knock the window thrice at Ram Charan wife place??? – Do u ppl enjoy someone, teasing ur wife, if please give ur contact number to me…

    The ppl who think that Ram Charan act is not correct when drunked software guys on afternoon mocking at his wife… Please accept when some rogues tease your wife/sister/mother/daugther.. Just bring your family ladies outside and make other eenjoy.!!! In hyd, these rouges are growing!!! Ram Charan gave tight lesson to them for security of ladies!! else these guys would be a future rapists!!

  • software engineer


    • software engineer

      this was absolutely dedicated to people who dont bother about reality and intentionally trying to degrading charan.
      so guys better keep quite.dont lower down your values with foolish posts.

  • kumar

    love u charan.. we are with you and we support u always.. these media ppl have no other big issue in the state. that’s why they wanted to make a sensational news out of nothing and tried to degrade your family…sick media

  • krishna

    Ram charan came to industry with his father’s fame however he had talent and dancing skills but his face was awful and he he is not much a handsome guy