Celina Jaitley explores paranormal activities?

The former Miss India blogs about “something that you truly cannot explain”. We can’t explain it either

Celina Jaitley is pouring her heart out nowadays on her blog. After tales of her first brush with the beauty world and of her respect for her gay friends, she has moved to recounting all the times things went bump in the dark. Or rather, in her case, times when she lived in a haunted house, or felt she was floating in mid air, that caused her to question what she, a “pure science student” (no she doesn’t mean others study impure sciences) had studied. We would have loved to read more about it if only she hadn’t tried to turn teacher and filled her blog with didactic definitions of every term – from paranormal to place memory. Or written lines like, I quote, “While the finding the 3 people at the foot of my bed every morning around 4 am were explained by the sleep cycle theory so was a series of finding my self floating near the fan incidents explained by the same.” Let me get this straight. Celina found she was floating? Err… what exactly had she consumed before this out of her mind… oops… out of her body experience? And don’t forget the “quotation marks”. And the end of it all, I am still not quite sure if Celina believes or doesn’t believe in the paranormal. I guess I will find out in part 2. Yes, there is a part 2 coming up soon. Interested?