‘Chak De!’ is India’s second national anthem?

From winning cricket matches to bagging votes, the joy of victory is incomplete if SRK’s Chak De! score is not played

Ever since Chak De! India released, it’s as if its title track has to accompany every celebration. It became something like another national anthem of sorts. Even our Prime Minister’s cronies could not resist the temptation of having it played in the Parliament, of all places! Dr Manmohan Singh, who is not exactly a movie buff, but that didn’t stop his ardent followers from succumbing to the temptation. If you watch the movie on YouTube Boxoffice, you’ll know why. They played this song when he won the vote of confidence in the Parliament. All of us, by now, are aware that Shahrukh Khan doesn’t mind dancing at wedding parties, but who could have thought that he can even get the Prime Minister to tap his feet to a Bollywood song? But it did, and all the credit goes to music directors Salim-Sulaiman, singer Sukhwinder Singh, lyricist Jaideep Sahni and of course, Shahrukh’s immense charm.

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