Chal Bhaag song Teri maujudgi: Varun Mehra and Keeya Khanna fail to impress

With predictable scenes and an abrupt ending, Teri Maujudgi fails to leave a mark. Read on to know more…

Chal Bhaag stars Varun Mehra and Keeya Khanna could have very well brought the “young couple in love” feel to the song, but fail miserably in their stint. Here are three reasons why we this song doesn’t work for us…

Disorganised sequences

The essence of every song is to sell a plot of the story clandestinely without giving it all away. The trick is to showcase the song with appropriate sequences which match the storyline of the film primarily. Teri maujudgi however comes across as a compilation of random scenes, which leaves the viewer confused by the end. With one scene showing the couple in distress, to the other where the two are fighting certain goons and then another where they are shown sharing a few mushy moments, the entire song is a blotchy presentation with no definite beginning and certainly a very random ending.

 Varun Mehra and Keeya Khanna’s mediocre chemistry

Where a certain sense of chemistry displayed by the two could have made the song appealing, Varun and Keeya fall flat. With inappropriate emotions and a lack of much needed valour in certain sequences, these youngsters fail to create an impression. In the ending action sequence for instance, Varun and Keeya instead of being perceived as a couple fighting for their love and survival, come across as two actors merely emoting and not living their characters.

 Khushbu Jain’s singing

Khushbu’s singing instead of being melodious and soulful to the ears, is loud and unpleasant. Where certain high pitch notes can give the listener goosebumps, Jain’s singing fails to have THE effect. Although her voice quality is unique, the manner in which she has implemented the song doesn’t manage to leave you humming the tune by the end of it all.

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