ChandraNandni 17 February 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chanakya announces that Chandra cannot remarry without Nandni’s permission

Chandra (Rajat Tokas) stops the chariot in middle of a forest and recollects his childhood. He tells Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) stories from his childhood and she asks him why he is sharing all his personal stories with her. They get interrupted by his friends and they hug each other. He even promises them a job in the palace. Durdhara is nervous that Raajmata has sent her to deliver some gifts to Helena. She finds no one in the room and decides to keep the gifts in the room and leave asap. Just then, she sees Helena’s gown and wonders how to wear it. She puts it on and looks at herself in the mirror.

She visualises herself as Helena, ordering people around. She also day dreams about Helena following her orders. She starts enacting it in front of the mirror and gets scared to see Helena standing behind her. She makes an excuse and runs away. Meanwhile, Nanda’s security guy, Bhadrasaal, is being tortured to reveal the truth about his plans. Chandra himself hits him till he faints. Chanakya stops him and says that they won’t be able to extract any information otherwise. Meanwhile, Nanda plans to attack Chanakya’s daughter to defeat him. (ALSO READ: ChandraNandni 16 February 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra saves Nandni from being killed)

Chanakya also asks Chandra to use Nandni to extract information from Bhadrasaal. Roopa is day dreaming about her moments with Chandra and Nandni’s moments with him. Sunanda and Helena scold Roopa for not finishing the work. Helena and Roopa start bickering with each other when Sunanda butts in to remind them of the mission. Meanwhile, Nandni gets scared of seeing a lizard on her arm and asks Chandra to save her but he also runs away.

The lizard falls but Chandra and Nandni jump on the bed holding each other trying to drive the lizard away. Chandra grabs the opportunity to hug Nandni and get close to her but she eventually finds out. Daadima calls them and Chandra Nandni fall on the bed when they panic. She gets shocked and happy to see it. Nandni leaves Chandra and makes an excuse. Daadima then teases Chandra and tells him that Chanakya has called everyone.

Helena fumes when Nandni’s entry is announced and everyone starts praising her. Helena’s mother, however, asks her to stay calm. Chanakya asks her to sit near Chandra and she obliges. Chanakya then announces her about her rights as the chief queen. Nandni misses her father. Raajmata and Daadima are expressing their happiness over Chandra and Nandni being there for each other forever now.

Chandra mocks Nandni about getting married again when she says that he will have to take her permission first. She gets upset and tells him that he will have to take her permission or take back her post. Chandra then asks why she never troubled him like a wife and she is too stunned by the question.