Channel V’s Paanch: What is Gautam Lada’s big secret?

Last week we came to know that Gautam Lada aka Gauti is Gauri’s stepsister, but there are more secrets yet to be discovered

Gauti (Pratap Hada) is playing a game with his sister, Gauri Lada (Rashi Mal) and girlfriend Roshni Kataria (Sheetal Singh). He is pitting them against each other in order to eliminate them one by one when the time comes. But one foot cannot stand on two boats at the same time. So we are sure his farce will soon be caught.

However, what struck us the most is that Gauri kept threatening Gauti of spilling his secret to Roshni. Now what secret is that? We believe, that Gauti was dating Neha Kataria before he and the Paanch killed her off. 

So does that mean Gauti was equally responsible for getting Neha Kataria killed? Well we think so and we know that Roshni will kill him if she comes to know this. Will Roshni come to know about Gauti’s deceit? Will Gauri learn about her stepbrother betrayal?

Guess we will soon find out!