CHATUR SINGH TWO STAR review: Why you must watch it

Chatur Singh Two Star reviewSanjay Dutt is once again showcasing his comic side, this time as ‘mahaan jasoos’ Chatur Singh Two Star. And we tell you why you should not miss this one…

You don’t have to find inventive ways to rush your girlfriend to reach the theatre on time. You can be late even by 20 minutes and not miss anything of importance.

Your girlfriend is coochie-cooing and you missed a funny one-liner? Fret not. You can hear the gag again. And again. And again….

Rewind to the ’90s as Sanjay Dutt revisits his Sonu (Haseena Maan Jaayegi) and Sitara (Ek Aur Ek Gyarah) characters – but sticks to just one goofy expression. And his clothes! They are probably the most outrageous ones ever seen on screen. Clothes that can make Govinda green with envy.

Learn how to change your shape almost instantly – Sanjay Dutt flits from being lean and mean to pudgy to lean again in between consecutive scenes. Amazing.

You finally realise how great an actor Arshad Warsi is and actually miss him as you watch Chatur Singh and his sidekick Pappu Panther’s (Suresh Menon) antics.

Chatur Singh’s makers have achieved the mission impossible – they have made a film about a cop and a murder without a single action sequence!

And finally, there’s Ameesha Patel, looking slimmer, sexier and twenty years younger than her onscreen hero. Welcome back, Ameesha.

Now, don’t you think it’s worth watching?