Chennai Express poster: Is Shahrukh Khan asking for trouble?

Chennai Express poster: Is Shahrukh Khan asking for trouble?

The character the King Khan plays in his new film with director Rohit Shetty and co-star Deepika Padukone could spell trouble – remember how his Ra.One role offended sentiments of a large section of cinegoers?

Superstars live in the public eye, and their smallest actions have bigger consequences than they may intend. Something like that happened with Shahrukh Khan when he played Shekhar Subramanium in Ra.One – with his version of the South Indian character, SRK managed to offend the sensibilities of South Indian audiences. According to reports, many from the South Indian community were upset by the actor’s careless and stereotypical portrayal, which partly was responsible for the low ticket sales for the mega-budget film. Questions were definitely asked at the time of Ra.One release, as to whether Shahrukh’s comedy act was in poor taste.

But the South Indian lesson has obviously not been learned. It seems as if our favourite star may repeat the mistakes of his recent past with his new film Chennai Express, directed by Rohit Shetty and co-starring Deepika Padukone. The film, a hardcore commercial one, may see its commerce being affected if Shahrukh tries to latch on to the ‘Enna rascala’ stereotype of southern humour – the posters  show SRK dressed in traditional South Indian ‘doubles’ veshti, while Deepika wears either a half-sari (pavadai-davani) or also a shortened lungi.

Well, a joke is always fun, but we hope Shahrukh has the better sense to go for the subtle approach rather than the over-the-top routine this time, even though it is a Rohit Shetty film – and we all know how masala dhinchak those are! As it is, Shahrukh really needs to deliver a hit if he has to stay relevant and compete with the other superstars in his generation, all of whom never seem to fail these days! So good luck with the jokes, SRK. And here’s hoping that you are not the butt of all of them, this time around!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Shivangi

    Reporter-please get a life

  • Touqeer

    wht the hel is ths u bloody stupid reporters. Always create negativity before srk release u edotic people

  • imran

    Y media trying to declare CE flop before its release. I request all reporters please do not spread negativity towards srk. He is hardworking. He is Our Hero. Please let the movie come let the audience decide.

  • rambo

    sex before marriage is acceptable

  • rambo

    Indian actors have become millionares by using the poverty of india. Raj kappor Started this with Movie 420 and all media has followed it since. These SOBS have no feelings for poor people. If they did, they will either donate money or even pay taxes to improve the conditions of peopl. This double standard of industry have to stop before God steps in and make you one of them , put you on street as handicapped beggers. LISTEN TO HEART. EVERYTHING YOU DO GOD WILL GET YOU FOR THAT.

    • Maya

      Do you really think Bollywood Actors do not pay Taxes? They are some of the Higest taxpayers India has. In Guiness Book 2012 You will find that Shah Rukh Khan has a Record for the higest Tax paid by a Bollywood Actor. I do not know exactly what the others do for Charity but i Know that Shah Rukh does alot of Charity. the Children Chancer Station at Nanavati Hospital which is supported and financed by Shah Rukh financed it and the in meanwhile 22 Villages wich Shah Rukh has adopted in the last 3 Greenathons are only 2 of alots more Charity Shah Rukh is doing. And I’m sure the other Stars are doing Charity too.

      Dear Writer of this Article
      This article is just bad. Why does so many Journalists alwasy made up Storys?

    • abhi

      u should probably check ur facts because srk has been the highest tax payer a lot of times and he does donate money to charity, he sponsors five villages for electricity and food, its just because he is a good human being tht he doesnt promote his charity

  • Umer Ali

    You cheap Indians are hypocrites. You stay quiet when a woman is raped by 5 men yet bash a film by using false information. No wonder your country is looked down upon by the rest of the world.

    • vipin

      better to shut your crap carrying mouth

    • Tanni

      No one cares about you bimbo. Out country is not looked down upon. I think that we are so famous that you also like this reporter want to earn some fame for your poor country. so just SHUT UP. dont comment on anything regarding our country

  • mathew

    i dont really understand what this article is really saying.
    the director of chennai express-rohit shetty has already said that sharukh khan will be perfominig a role of north indian ,not a south indian.
    who said sharukh khan is getting competition,he is always the king.
    i accept that salman movies works in india,but we cant compare
    him with sharukh in overseas.sharukh khan is so ahead

  • Lee

    You know you’re on top when even the reporters try to bring you down before the release of your movie! There is so much negativity around this article you can tell the reporter is heavily biased. SRK is an amazing actor, and if Rohit Shetty has allowed stereotypes to play out in the movie then that is not SRK’s responsibility, idiot!

  • Balance

    These Indian reports seems to have a right to RAPE people’s emotion!! They don’t care about their loyalties towards their profession and this mans family, friends and fans!! There is no LAW Against them. They did not look at King Khan as one of Indian people. That is what I believe. It is only 5 days since the new year, they still do not want to learnt from their mistakes. How could it be possible pouring all this HATE towards One Single Person??! So sad. It is not faire at all. How could one judge a book by its cover?? Let us watch the film first and let us be judges!! Don’t play police, attorney, Jury and judge for the crime not even committed.

  • fardeen

    THE OTHER acorts also like salman played pakhtoon and aksay and ajey potraited sardars reporter wrote anything against those movies and actors.. Unfortunately media only write bias against shahrukh

  • kapoor

    who is this i mean reporter.hello u want fame.u have said this before time that mean u can see future at some much rupee u take for these line.shame on u.

  • nilesh

    Anyone who wrote this is really jelous of srk…..everytime when srk film comes haters start their work of spreading negativity….. M…..d

  • abhi

    the reporter is a fu*king retard.wrote an article without knowing much about the fact. what they(some moron reporters,not everyone) think themselves while pulling down others who is known by his hardwork. shame of this reporter.reza noorani u idiot learn first how to write an article.btw what u(reporter) have done in ur life

  • Günther Khan

    How stupid can you be. Yeah, I mean, you reporter.

  • dip dey

    whoever wrote this blog is pure KOHINOOR’s idiot.srk was,is & will always b d best of d best.

  • Kira

    “other superstars in his generation, all of whom never seem to fail these days”
    Apparently the article writer doesn’t consider SRK to be from the same generation of stars as Akshay, Ajay, Aamir and Saif. Who’s from his generation then, AB?

    And Ra One might not have been profitable (and hopefully it’s taught SRK that special effects are fine and dandy but they’re not worth much without a decent script) because of the ridiculous budget but that’s not the same as having low ticket sales … please look up the BO figures for yourself.

  • rocky

    writrr get a life srk rocks

  • Mitya

    Indians r F:ing retarded , U ppl don’t know how to respect a star. And specially this “Writer/Reporter” can rape his sister to get some acknowledgment !!! Bloody Looserz

  • Ahad

    This reporter wants to be fu**ed by someone, srk the real king of bollywood

  • abdul

    U know wat… was not a flop it collected 170 crores…nd chennai express will also be a blockbuster hit..and will be a slap on all the haters of srk…srk is always will remain the king of bollywood either u accept it or not…but i suggest u shud accept it as soon as possible..coz u shud also consider ur mental health..!.

  • atul shendge

    the reporter why u geting behind u r personal disliking to your proffession , SRK may not get any diffarance for ths artical but people will hate u this is sure! talking about CE , u dont like but u knw rohit shetty why he not pick ajay d , for ths project , u give example of raone , in CE he plays mumbai guy , ur oher argument iz raone flop what about TALASH , AGENT VINOD , KHILADI 786,VEER , MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA , GOD TUSSI GREAT HO u not write about ths films dont targeted SRK

  • Neeti

    Its funny how the same person has posted million comments with different names in favor of SRK . The article is unbiased and it perfectly reflects what South India thinks about SRK-The cheap Racist.